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  1. Randythe Rat

    Briggs bike

  2. Randythe Rat


    Picked this up saturday.
  3. Randythe Rat

    64 20"Sears new old parts,

  4. Randythe Rat

    Who made this frame?

    ser,# left rear dropout c71335 1 set of numbers then 8640 below the first set. Headbadge is Coast to Coast sticker. Thanks for any help. Randy
  5. Randythe Rat

    Sears spedo

    Got it from kingfish thanks again kf.
  6. Randythe Rat

    Rollfast. some changes

    Thanks. Again Brian. :D
  7. Randythe Rat

    Savage bike (new pics)(8/25/13

    Starting with this. now its a rider. Headbadge got to get it back on.
  8. Randythe Rat

    lowdown valley Rat

    calling it done.
  9. Randythe Rat

    parts swap

    Picked this up a while back . its time for a change. the start The finish. :?:
  10. Randythe Rat

    lowdown valley rat

    this is what i am going to start with. The first cut. front fork?
  11. Randythe Rat

    SAVAGE bike

    picked this up sat. can any one tell anything about it.#494978 or H 94978 on bottom brackett. Thanks.
  12. Randythe Rat

    three chainguards

    Can any one tell me what brand of bikes these came off. Thanks Randy
  13. Randythe Rat

    two bikes

  14. Randythe Rat

    sears lightening bolt

    can anyone tell me what year this frame is #502476020766305 thanks.
  15. Randythe Rat

    schwinn bmx more? 12/6/12

    can anyone tell me what i have #g1281 thanks
  16. Randythe Rat

    ratrod tricycle

    flipped frame painted for nephew built seatpan
  17. Randythe Rat

    blue on black Rat Last 0f new parts.

    blue on black Ratlocojoe frame chop 24x3"s 24" Apes 20" crank repop rack
  18. Randythe Rat

    2 speed kickback rim

    is $80.00 to much for one :?:
  19. Randythe Rat

    rat burrito

  20. Randythe Rat


    i tried to post some pic on ape hangers only gallery and head light taillight gallery why didn"t come up in the gallerys why