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  1. rat-a-tac

    Got a freebie BMX and it is so .... cool

    family friend gave me this bmx that he found in the trash!!!! I love this bike, got the tires pumped and rode it around (no brakes so old school foot on the rear wheel stopage). I am going to keep it as is but grease everything.
  2. rat-a-tac

    craigslist find today

    I couldn't pass this up for $50
  3. rat-a-tac

    NDN Garage Days Pics

    I had a blast building this and learned a lot. Thanks everyone for all the feed back and ideas. I am going to try and do a photo shoot later this morning and update the photos and add a riding video, but wanted to post in the completed section incase the wife has other plans for me tomorrow...
  4. rat-a-tac

    Funniest RRBO8 photos

    i have this picture printed and posted in my garage! makes me laugh every time I see it. The Elmo soap dispenser really ties in the color scheme. Thanks for the laughs Jats!!!!
  5. rat-a-tac


    here is my platform. 51-53 Hiawatha Bar End Plugs
  6. rat-a-tac

    no beach here...

  7. rat-a-tac

    Tooled Leather Tank&Seat

    Bought a 60's huffy and wanted a tank but couldn't find one so I decided to take up leather tooling as a hobby...