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  1. Genom

    Kabuki road bike

    Just picked up this old road bike from a friend (original owner) who no longer wanted it... Says its a ~1979 Kabuki SSK. Its a little small for me (53cm frame) otherwise I would make a cheap fixie out of it. It has some nice parts like Mavic MA2 wheels, Sugino cranks, TTT stem, ITM handlebars...
  2. Genom

    Kent cruiser (Made In England?)

    Today while I was out with some clients looking at houses, I found this bike in the basement at one and asked if I may have it since the house was to be emptied. "Sure, get it out of the basement and its yours" said the homeowner. So here it is...maybe you cycle sleuths know more about this...
  3. Genom

    Burrito time!

    I'm currently building a burrito to futz around with when I go on paved path rides with my friends. It has a 78" wheelbase and is 8' 9" long overall. Started out as a ladies 12 speed Spalding... A few cuts with the right angle grinder, a little tubing, some welding and I've got this...
  4. Genom

    Friend's Huffman Dayton

    My friend recently rebuilt what was once his father's Huffman Dayton. It is all original with the exception of Nirve tires...and yes, even the horn works. 8) Anyone able to tell what year it is?
  5. Genom

    "Piece of Schwinn"

    I hope forum newbs can join in :D ...though what I have is not really a Klunker in the truest form... I'll make this a one-post deal since most of what I have here has been shown in my introduction, so here goes! This project started out as a plain Jane all stock 1967 Typhoon... But the...
  6. Genom

    The "POS" or "Piece of Schwinn"

    This bike started out as an all original 1967 Schwinn Typhoon (pic in my intro) and wound up becoming the "POS"...somewhat of a Klunker-type-cruiser-mountain bike. Features include 180mm Bulletproof BMX cranks, Wald #945 seatpost, a melted CODA seat from a Cannondale Killer V (which is my urban...
  7. Genom

    Former lurker from L.I. N.Y.

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking around here for quite some time now and have seen many outstanding bikes, gotten a number of good ideas and figured its time I join in since I have a head full of ideas that I can share. I have been an avid mountain biker for 13+ years now, plus I also enjoy...