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  1. Jpromo

    Really not sure.. prewar, cwc? (HP Snyder made) Brand?

    I know Belknap also sourced frames from Huffman, which is what that '41 is :happy: There's not always a solid answer with these old bicycles. The hard part is that there were hundreds of hardware stores that sold bicycles and badged them specially for their shop. Belknap was one of the larger...
  2. Jpromo

    Really not sure.. prewar, cwc? (HP Snyder made) Brand?

    The first vertical-holed badge that comes to mind, and commonly came on Snyder products is Belknap. Though I'm sure there are a number of other ones.
  3. Jpromo

    Really not sure.. prewar, cwc? (HP Snyder made) Brand?

    "04" 1940 HP Snyder indeed. Rollfast was most common with horizontal holes, but they were also badged in many manners depending on where they were sold.
  4. Jpromo

    A Zep??

    That sounds like a perfect plan for it. You may also want to consider swapping the hoops. Triple steps are known to be a little fragile, especially once they get rusty, since they're just single wall stamped steel. They can get dented up with a hard bump. If they're solid they're worth a few...
  5. Jpromo

    A Zep??

    Sweet find. Zep was the model name for the most deluxe bike that Hawthorne offered. The chainring says this was originally a Rollfast, not a Hawthorne. Though, it does look to be a ladies chainring, so it could have been easily swapped and lying to me (just seems a bit coincidental if that's the...
  6. Jpromo

    Evapo-rust Warning!

    Yeah, I agree that it did its job and that it ate the rust out from under the paint, causing dissatisfactory results. Also non-Schwinn paints that were used during this time are fairly low quality. Schwinn still used enamel, but a lot of Columbia and Murray products lack the resiliency and are...
  7. Jpromo

    52 b6 under black paint

    In 65 years, all it takes it one fleeting moment of weakness to repaint a bicycle and incur the scorn of collectors for the rest of that bicycle's life.
  8. Jpromo

    What year Firestone Cruise?

    This is a Monark built Firestone; early 50s. I think Adamtinkerer is pretty familiar with Monark serials, but they're off my base. That is a Monark springer fork, but missing all the business pieces.
  9. Jpromo

    New project, no idea what it is!

    Frame alone is indeed a prewar Schwinn straightbar. No way to tell how it was equipped. It could have been anything from a base bicycle up to a motobike. Serial leads me to say 1936.
  10. Jpromo


    Are there any other numbers under the BB? Snyder at this time used a stamping to the effect of EH-74 with the digits being the year reversed. Your bike is early postwar--most likely 1946 because of the parts on it.
  11. Jpromo

    Year/ model identification Ward Hawthorne bicycle

    Dogdart is correct--1937 CWC built bicycle.
  12. Jpromo

    Grease/Oil in a Bendix Kickback

    Yeah, now that I think, I only use oil on the spring too. White lithium is always safe; I use my standard universal red grease for kickbacks without issue. Important that it's not a real tacky grease, though. They're fairly simple except the final reassembly can be tricky. Good luck!
  13. Jpromo

    serial number help

    That sure looks to be a Huffy serial.. Edit: Just got the image open--definitely a Huffy. 1965.
  14. Jpromo

    Grease/Oil in a Bendix Kickback

    Planet gears are fine with grease; just load it up so they don't run dry after a few miles. I would be liberal on everything but the index spring. A heavy coat there may cause it to flub shifts.
  15. Jpromo

    Help with frame ID

    This could absolutely be anything. Many bottom brackets have a second set of numbers that were likely for use in-house to identify them on the shelf. Easiest hosting site you don't need to sign up for is drag a photo onto the site, then copy the
  16. Jpromo

    I thought this was a post-war Columbia. I was wrong...

    It's definitely Evans-Colson. This is the early version of their frame that was produced from '54-56. I would guess this particular example to be '54 maybe '55 because the New Departure division of GM suffered a flood, with the cost of rebuilding being too much an expense, they shut down. Hubs...
  17. Jpromo

    Wilbur & Orville Wright

    I frequent Greenfield Village and the Wright shop is my favorite. Moved there brick by brick. I believe one of the bicycles on display is an original Wright cycle. There are supposedly five known to exist.
  18. Jpromo

    Unknown maker frame please I.D. it.

    I think any old collar clamp will suffice just fine. The Rollfast ones weren't special as far as I know.
  19. Jpromo

    Hawthorn straight Bar

    Here's the first bike I came up with, circa ~1954. It's kind of what I picture when I think of this frame. What's there is mostly original, just missing the guard.
  20. Jpromo

    Unknown maker frame please I.D. it.

    If you look closely at your headbadge ghost, it pretty clearly has the little nubs of the classic Rollfast bearing badge. If so, I'm fairly certain I have one laying around. Get me a measurement on the holes to make sure, but I'm quite confident that's what I see.