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  1. Terry66

    Tigers X2

    Haven't been around much, but still working on vintage bikes from time to time. Just finished up this Coppertone 1968 Schwinn Lil Tiger. The powdercoat isn't a perfect match but close enough. The other one is the green 1970 I did a few years back.
  2. Terry66

    BO11 Parts-O-Rama - Springers, seats, tank

    Selling off some nice parts just in time for the Build Off. I picked up most of these in a package deal. All prices include shipping to lower 48. JC Higgins tank - This is for the standard 26" ballooner Higgins/Murray frame. The tank has some pitting, but appears solid with no holes. The horn...
  3. Terry66

    50s Higgins ballooner project

    I have more projects than time and hate seeing this just sitting around. Mid 50s Higgins/Murray frame. The frame appears to be in good shape and is in gray primer. The tank, guard and rear rack are bare metal and are solid. I took some steel wool to the rack and it cleaned up really nice. There...
  4. Terry66

    '73 Raleigh Carlton Rat

    Decided to do something different with my '28 Elgin frame, so I have been on the lookout for a nice lugged English road bike. Found this really cool Raleigh Super Course at the Links n Kinks Fairborn show. Awesome lug work. Stripped off the brakes, shifters, chainrings, etc and converted it to a...
  5. Terry66

    Scrap Metal Deluxe

    Here she is. I have no plans for the finished bike other than it being a rolling pile Scrap Metal. Just going to get started and see where it goes. Only things I know for sure: 1957 JC Higgins frame Raw metal or at least partial raw metal CWC peaked fenders with curved braces 3 speed Fat 26"...
  6. Terry66

    Clear over paint?

    So, I am cleaning up my CWC Western Flyer tanker and the tank graphics look much better. Still a few dents, dings, etc...It has the really nice "survivor" look that I like. The only problem is that the graphics are really fragile and the paint is a bit dull from age. I am thinking about maybe...
  7. Terry66

    CWC Jet tanker and more

    Went up to Memory Lane today. Found a beehive for my BoTEN bike. Also found this 26" Western Flyer badged CWC with jet graphics on the tank. Bike was pretty crusty, but I really think most of it is just dirt. The graphics were really dark and dirty. I took a sponge and some soap and water and it...
  8. Terry66

    Tanker project

    New project on the way. I've always liked the rounded style tank and the rear rack with tail light lenses. I have a nice set of bare metal CWC peaked fenders with curved braces that might look pretty cool. Maybe I'll find a ratty springer fork and just assemble it as is....gray primer and bare...
  9. Terry66

    Super Cruiser

    Turning the Super Cruiser into a rider for the upcoming summer vintage rides. Added some apes, skull tassels, a raccoon tail and plan to switch it over to a three speed this weekend.
  10. Terry66

    (MBBO Class 1) MiniMuscle

    Picked up this little brute for my grandson. I build a 12" Schwinn Lil Tiger for my older grandson and was pretty happy with how it turned out. This one is an early 70s 12" Western Flyer. Since I am doing the build anyway, I might as well enter it into MBBO 2014. It is going to be a pretty basic...
  11. Terry66

    Purple Banana - 12" Western Flyer

    Got my grandson's Western Flyer in the mail today. Pretty cool little bike. The plans are to go with air filled tires with a coaster brake. Not sure about saving the seat. The way it is made will make it tough to recover. I may have to find a replacement. Anyway,here it is in all it's glory. I...
  12. Terry66

    Darn kids :)

    So grandson #2 will be old enough for his first bike this spring, so originally I thought I would pass down the '71 Lil Tiger I built for his older brother who has outgrown it. The more I thought about it, I decided to heck with that. I am going to build him his own ride! I figure that way I'll...
  13. Terry66


    Not a bike build, but a wheel build. The rims on my '41 Firestone were a little crusty, so I swapped the hubs to another set of rims that I had on the shelf. Since the bike is a "Pilot", I thought the Snoopy valve caps were a nice touch. Before After
  14. Terry66

    Columbia middleweight tank for a Newsboy?

    I was at Ann Arbor walking around. Wasn't finding anything too special and happened to see this pathetic looking Columbia middleweight. No fenders, mismatched wheels, house paint, cruiser seat, rust....and a pretty interesting looking tank. A guy a couple of spaces down had a ballooner Columbia...
  15. Terry66

    Monark Cruiser year?

    I am cleaning up my latest project and was wondering if anyone knew the year on this Monark built Firestone Cruiser. I believe since it has a 7 digit serial number, it is at least a 1952...assuming the leading "0" counts as a digit. Serial number is 0172024 Thanks in advance....
  16. Terry66

    2nd Annual Links and Kinks Bike Show and Swap - Dayton

    It is that time again. Time to bring all your parts to sell and your bikes to show. The 2nd Annual Links and Kinks Show and Swap in Fairborn(Dayton) Ohio! Last year's show was awesome and this year will be better! Hoping to get a vintage ride together on the bike path after the show. See you...
  17. Terry66

    En Fuego

    Surprise...I'm building a Firestone. I thought the name was a nice play on the Fire in Firestone. I figure a bike that's name is loosely translated to "On Fire" will push me to build something really special...besides, if I fail miserably, I can always set it on fire. Knowing you guys, that...
  18. Terry66

    Firestone badged bikes

    No secret that I am a fan of Firestone bikes. We have a "Show me your Monark/Firestone Supercruiser" thread, but nothing devoted to other Firestones. If my memory serves me correct, Huffman, Murray, Snyder, CWC and Colson all made bikes for Firestone. I think it would be cool to see all the...
  19. Terry66

    Memory Lane Finds - 2 Firestones

    Found some decent stuff up at Memory Lane today. Jason (jpromo) found a pretty awesome Columbia. First up is a 40/41 Murray built Firestone Pilot. Wheels have a good bit of paint loss, but all in all it is pretty cool and complete. I am up to FIVE Firestones now. Guess that makes me a collector...
  20. Terry66

    Firestone Muscle

    Figured I would start on my 1966 Firestone GTO. Ads and pictures of the 60's Firestone muscle bikes are few and far between. I've been doing a good bit of research. I've seen '66 Huffy ads and '66 Huffy built Monark ads. Both seemed to have the more traditional banana/polo style Persons...