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  1. AZ_Cruiser

    1980 Schwinn Cruiser transformation

    Hey all, Been here for a bit browsing and gathering information before starting this thread with actual progress. Hope to be getting more done on this in the coming weeks now that I have a bit more time with work schedule changes. So started out with a bone stock 1980 Schwinn Cruiser (CC7-6)...
  2. AZ_Cruiser

    1980 Schwinn to BMX

    Hey all, New to the board and looking for some help specific to my 1980 Schwinn Cruiser (CC7-6) to BMX/Klunker build. I have found catalogs online, but nothing that give me specific sizes/measurements of things like bottom bracket or forks that I can use. I have built up Jeeps before and...
  3. AZ_Cruiser

    What's up from Tucson

    Hey all, Name is Richard and coming in from nice and sunny Tucson, except for last week when it actually snowed here! Grew up riding a BMX bike while my dad was on his Schwinn Cruiser. Now that I am a dad, my daughter is on the mini-BMX and my dad handed over his Cruiser to me now that he...