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  1. ronark

    Felt Thick Brick 24”x3”

    Brand new Felt Thick Brick Tires still with tags. $150 plus shipping from virginia.
  2. ronark

    Need a set of training wheels

    Got a message from a friend: Ron, I have a friend that is looking for training wheels for a 26" bike. He is autism and needs the extra help. They are expensive and they really can not afford it. Thank you for your time so if anyone has any descent training wheels that look like it would be...
  3. ronark

    Felt Cruiser

    Well been bored around this house with the Virus Lockdown.........Figured I would ask if anyone wanting to sell their Felt Cruiser Parts or whole bikes. Just putting feelers out.... Ron in Virginia
  4. ronark

    Wanted CHAINGUARD for a Felt Lead Sled

    If anybody can help me, I'm looking for a CHAINGUARD for a Felt Lead Sled......Please....Little Please....Ron in Virginia
  5. ronark

    Felt Speedway Cruiser, Caswell Oregon Ok I would love to have this for $100 if someone would pick it up for me, but if not here it is for someone to snag.... Ron in Virginia
  6. ronark

    Best/cheapest way to ship Frame

    Hi, I have seen it posted on this forum before. What is best way to ship a frame: Fed Ex, UPS or USPS? Thanks in advance.... Ron
  7. ronark

    Dyno Glide Deluxe

    Well i did get lucky today, got this Dyno Glide Deluxe.
  8. ronark

    Powerlite 3 bar 26" BMX

    Here is my 26" Powerlite 3 bar cruiser Will take to get powdered coated next week, haven't decided on color. Will chance out parts as I go.
  9. ronark

    Surly Pugsley

    I live in Virginia Beach and so happy to see a FAT RAT section on this site. I love these fat tire bikes and figured I'll post these compaired to the BEAST. (4Surly Fat Tire Bikes) Surly Pugsley Surly Pugsley with hand painted lines by IGOR (Local Artist) Surly Pugsley with Darrly rims and...
  10. ronark

    Chrome Laguna Cruiser

    Had a Laguna Cruiser for 2 weeks and then I had to get it chromed Before After Almost finished, putting adding Sealed Sunshine Hubs next