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  1. J

    Any info/thoughts on this quill stem?

    Pretty much standard alloy stem from a raleigh road bike
  2. J

    Back at it

    Welcome. My young daughters are the same reason I started riding and working on bikes last year. enjoy the ride
  3. J

    I finished 3!

    Wow. nice work
  4. J

    Long term Lurker - Joined at last!

    Welcome. plenty of fun to be had here
  5. J

    68 Schwinn Typhoon

    Last week, I swapped most of the parts that were on my typhoon on to a bare wtp avenger frame i had. I bought new tyres, grips and pedals but many of the other parts i used were salvaged from parts bikes. A while ago i bought a sturmey archer thumb shifter on amazon that was advertised to work...
  6. J

    Island Queen

    Hey Matti. looking forward to seeing it done. Its the same frame as the slik chick with the “special” flower power paint scheme i repainted for my daughter last year.
  7. J

    Electra Gigi 3i

    While searching for a Kos Kruiser for a mate on FBMktpl I came across this barely used but neglected 2012 Electra Gigi at a price I just couldn’t refuse. The seller bought it 5 years ago and left it outside the entire time she owned it as shown in the last photo. As you can see all the chrome...
  8. J

    Treasure Bucket [catch all thread]

    Thats a RRRR. Rat rod road racer. very cool.
  9. J

    Husky HD

    Great style frame. Looking forward to seeing it done.
  10. J

    Electra Hawaii 4

    Agreed. Has Hawaii 4 stamped on the bottom bracket. Also pre flat foot technology.
  11. J

    Electra Hawaii 4

    Picked up this barely used Electra ladies Hawaii 4 today primarily for the 4 speed nexus for one of my other bikes. Not sure of the year but the caliper front brake would suggest early 2000’s. I can’t find info or photos on the web. It has a top quality steel frame and fork built in Taiwan. I’ll...
  12. J

    New Ripper

    Sweet ride. SE is doing some of the coolest rides around at the moment. I would love one of the current big rippers but will have to let one of my bikes go first.
  13. J

    New to Charleston, new to the forum.

    Welcome. Looking to see some of your work. enjoy the ride
  14. J

    Schwinn True Torch Hybrid

    awesome result mate. The TT rear triangle addresses the weakness in the original design.
  15. J

    Ladies Electra Cruiser 1

    There is also this sunlite bar available on ebay from abaxo. standard clamp size and inexpensive
  16. J

    Ladies Electra Cruiser 1

    True. I have chrome bars i was lucky to find at a dealer. The black bars on my panther came off a schwinn debutante i bought really cheap. The electra attitude bars are really nice too but have the smaller 22mm clamp. Not easy to find. Same bar was standard on the straight 8 and a few other...
  17. J

    Ladies Electra Cruiser 1

    They are really comfy bars. I have them on my 51 Panther. Ask your nearest Trek dealer for Electra cafe cruiser bars. cheap too.
  18. J

    Trek Cruiser classic

    Ebay sourced basket was nasty. I replaced it with this awesome Blackburn basket from the lbs thats almost large enough to cart a slab of beer to the office.
  19. J

    Treasure Bucket [catch all thread]

    very, very nice. Its still got the biopace chainrings too which a lot of people swapped out at the time and tossed out.
  20. J

    Ladies Electra Cruiser 1

    Beautiful bike, she will love more because dad built it. I built a slik chick with a candy paint job for my daughter last year that she says she will always treasure. for