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  1. eddie bravo

    Diamond Back unfinished project

    Never got around to really working on it- used by my oldest son for a school commuter for 1yr He’s lost interest on it also, So passing it on $180 ( shipped ) that takes care of the bike,time to pack and postage to ship to your doorstep ) Look at photos as they are the description AND ask any...
  2. eddie bravo

    26” Schwinn project bike - $80.00

    PreWar 26” Schwinn project -80.00 OBO local pick up Project and Not getting to it And this is one cool looking bike and Pre War at that Look closely at all pictures as they are part of the description Was going low rider with it , reason for fork curve Local pick up by Disney...
  3. eddie bravo

    2 for the price of 1

    Got to clear these Not going to get to them any time soon Great for parts or a Rat build Or for swap meet rides so your good bikes don't get beat up Local pick up in So Cal - Garden Grove SORRY NO SHIPPING $40.00 OBO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. eddie bravo

    "Indian Giver" worth a shot

    Never done this before, looks fun and i get to use old parts Thus twin bar has sat too long and time to light up this indian fender ornament Typos curtesy of iPhone