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  1. Daddyar

    1959 Schwinn 20” on OfferUp This is mine, and I honestly don’t know what to value it at. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Daddyar

    Elgin curved bar Frankenbike

    Haven’t posted anything in a long time, but still lurking. Picked this up last night at a local thrift store. After a little research, I believe the frame is a 1940 or 1941 Elgin. The OG seatpost is there,but that’s it. Schwinn cranks and sprocket, Wald forks, Araya 7x front wheel with an SR...
  3. Daddyar

    Felt Cortez Tank Frame SOLD

    Felt steel tank frame. Tank area has two small holes drilled in each side, and a small dent on down tube. Perfect base for the build off! Asking $75obo, pickup in SoCal (Ontario) preferred. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Daddyar

    Chain driven tricycles SOLD

    Selling 4 vintage chain drive tricycles. I think two are Colson. I planned to build one out of the four but changed my mind. Great for parts, yard art, or building a kustom. $20 each or all 4 for $60. Prefer local pickup in Ontario, California as shipping could be expensive. Sent from my...
  5. Daddyar

    Dyno Glide

    Picked this up recently. Pretty clean, all original as far as I can tell. Probably going to flip it.
  6. Daddyar

    Electra Hellbilly

    Bought this from member Corykip on Saturday. Very cool guy! I wanted something cool that was somewhat lightweight and had gears to ride to work, and this fit the bill. This thing is super comfy! I'm just gonna clean and lube everything and ride it. I also have a brand new set of 24x3 fatti-o...
  7. Daddyar

    Repop Columbias at Walmart

    Saw these at Walmart yesterday. And this 700c Huffy Straightbar. Not sure if anyone posted these already or not.
  8. Daddyar

    Trike rear end assembly questions

    I bought a trike somebody pieced together to convert my wife's Spaceliner to a three wheeler. It looks like a Ret Bar single drive off a Schwinn Town and Country because I see Campus Green paint under the black spray paint. My question is order if assembly. Do I assemble the rear end and install...
  9. Daddyar

    Thrown Together

    Finally got some pics done. Here is the build thread I was going for a board track style build using as many parts as I could without having to buy anything. I ended up buying the seat...
  10. Daddyar

    Thrown Together DONE!!!!!!

    Pics coming soon , but basically going for a patina boardtrack style bike. I really wanted to go with a prewar frame but decided to use an unknown vintage Chicago Schwinn cruiser frame that I've had for about 20 years and haven't touched. Heck, I don't even think I'll paint it. The name comes...
  11. Daddyar

    Middleweight or balloon frame?

    How can one determine if a 26" Schwinn frame is a middleweight or balloon tire frame? Are the dropouts and fork blades narrower or wider?
  12. Daddyar

    Correct sissy bar for a 65 Stingray?

    Does anyone know what is the correct sissy bar for a 65 Stingray? I've heard they are one year only, and that the seat to sissy bar bolts are special too?
  13. Daddyar

    Schwinn Trike axle removal?

    I have what is supposedly an early Town and Country trike rear end. It is a 2 piece deal, single wheel drive (left). I wasn't sure when I bought it but I do see Campus Green paint under the black spray paint. Has anyone taken one apart? I want to grease the bearings and slide the sprocket over...
  14. Daddyar

    Anyone used chrome spray paint?

    Just wondering if anyone has, and if any one brand was better than another, and if anyone has pics of their results. Thanks, Mike
  15. Daddyar

    1/3 of a prewar D.P Harris Rollfast?

    I picked this up today from a local antique store. I think it's prewar, but I'm not sure. Everything looks solid, except the head tube may be slightly bent, and the lower fender struts are pretty bent. Sprayed it all down with PB Blaster after I took the pics. I also picked up a brand new...
  16. Daddyar

    Red Line double clamp stem

    Found this at an antique store, and had to have it. I believe it's from the mid 70's.
  17. Daddyar

    Whats a Monark project worth?

    A local antique mall has gotten a bunch of old bikes in. I believe the owner of the store is selling them. One is a Monark Firestone Super Cruiser-or what's left of one. Wheels are compeletly rusted, no front fender, rerar fender and rack are tweaked beyond saving. Tanks has a few rust holes...
  18. Daddyar

    Chain drive tricycle prices

    A local antique mall has a bunch of old tricycles they just got in. A few are chain drive, but not complete, so it would take two to make a complete one. They are all in rough, rusty condition, but most are salvageable. Any idea on what they might be worth? I don't have a need for one, but I...
  19. Daddyar

    Schwinn Spitfire 5 speed and bike wrenches

    I've had these for a liitle while, but haven't posted them. I recently picked up a Schwinn Cruiser 5 that came with the chrome BMX tubular fork. I really wanted a blade fork, but wanted the 5 speed version with the brake mount. I went to a bike swap meet about a month ago, and someone had the...
  20. Daddyar

    1980 S&S BMX Cruiser-Better pics

    I saw this bike on the back of an RV on the way home from work a few days ago. Saw a guy sitting outside of it today, so I stopped and asked if it was for sale. His buddy came out, said he needed the cash to fix his rig. Gave me a price and I had the cash in hand. I thought it was a Laguna at...