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    JC Higgins Headbadge

    JC Higgins headbadge for sale. Small scuff in corner as pictured. Not sure why the photos keep showing up sideways. $15 to continental US. PayPal only.

    Bee Hive Springer $100 SHIPPED

    For sale JC Higgins Beehive Springer Fork. Sold as is, everything moves freely. $100 Shipped to continental US. This is a deal, folks! Pay Pal only!

    JC Higgins Jet Flow Part Out (Beehive Springer and more!!)

    Parting out this JC Higgins. All parts are as is, didn’t try cleaning any of them. Prices include shipping to the continental US unless stated otherwise. PayPal only. Tank -no hardware/horn- $160 Shipped SOLD Beehive Springer - $130 Shipped Troxel Seat -$65 Shipped SOLD Skiptooth Chain...

    JC Higgins Jet Flow

    Been a while since I grabbed an old bike but I saw this on Craigslist and thought it was just to cool to pass up. I thinks it’s a 1955. It’s my first Jet Flow and Skiptooth. Obviously missing some parts but other than that it’s in pretty good shape. I thought about parting it out but I’m getting...

    SOLD 1964 Sears Spaceliner

    Hey guys, Time to let this one go from the collection as well. It’s an all original 1964 Sears Spaceliner. Bikes is in great shape. Was a frame up restoration but kept everything original right down to the tubes in the tires. All the bearings have been re-greased in the crank and fork. No real...

    REDUCED RRBBO#9 Rusty Rebel (Firestone 500)

    Hey guys, Looking to part with one of my last build off bikes in my possession. Some of you may remember the old "Rusty Rebel" from Build Off #9. Started life as an early 1960's Firestone, Snyder built if I remember correctly. I took it all apart clear coated the frame and re-greased everything...

    NERRB Mrs. Murphy's Donut Ride- April 17, 2016

    Here's our discussion page for the 3rd Annual Mrs. Murphy's Donut Ride! This is a 30 mile round trip from The Plan B Burger in Simsbury, CT up to Southwick, MA for New England's Best Donuts. Start: Sunday April 17. The Plan B Burger Parking Lot- Simsbury, CT 9:00 AM. This is a tentative date...

    Person's No. 219 Reflector

    I have for sale a Person's No. 219 rear fender reflector. Has the bracket to mount to fender. A few small dents on the eges but nothing major. No cracks in the glass. Asking $45 Shipped to the continental U.S. NO PAYPAL! Cash, Check, Or Money Order please !

    World's Shiniest CWC Road Master Headbadge!SOLD

    I have for sale a very shiny and clean CWC Road Master head badge. No dents, scratches, or dings. No mounting screws. Asking $15 Shipped to the lower 48! SOLD SOLD SOLD NO PAYPAL! Cash, Check, or Money Order please!

    $75 Sears Screamer

    Thoughts? Seems like a lot to me.

    The Official NERRB BS Thread

    This thread is for all us New England Rat Rod Bikers to talk about random stuff so we don't clog up the "Events" threads.

    1952 Schwinn World Varsity (With Paperwork!!)

    Just picked this up off CL right in my town! It's a 1952 Schwinn World Varsity. This bike is CLEAN! All the graphics are in great shape, no dents, nothing! Just a little dirty from being in a barn. Also has the original paperwork signed by the purchaser! This is by far one of the coolest pieces...

    B.F. Goodrich (PIC ADDED)

    My buddy has a BF Goodrich bike for sale. It's a 50's era cantilever frame. No tank, wheels are junk, no front fender. Has the original saddle but it's pretty dried up. AS bolts all around. The fork has struts going through them. Has an old repaint that is flaking and rusting off. Curious on...

    (WBO) Lightning- UPDATE 1/25/15 DONE

    Picked up this 50's Columbia as a flipper for the upcoming Dudley, MA bike swap. The swap is February 22nd so I will be building this lightning fast. ;) The plan is to strip the 3 coats of paint off, paint, different rims and tires different seat...etc. Basically just trying to make it an...

    50's Columbia

    Just picked this up from a friend of mine that owns the hot rod shop in town. He let's me get first dibs on the bikes he comes across. It's the same guy I bought my Spaceliner from. I picked this up because of the wheels and tires. Schwinn S2's with like new original Typhoon Cords. I pumped the...

    Swap Meet Finds-1946 CWC!!

    Picked up this '46 CWC at the Dudley, MA. swap meet today from member Bri-in-RI! I bought the frame then slowly picked out parts. Thanks to yeshoney, Danimal, and Bri-in-RI for the deals! My dad told me no more bikes but I couldn't pass this deal up! I tucked it in the rafters of the shed so he...

    Rusty Rebel


    Bought a.......

    Harley Davidson! Sold my Triumph Bonneville and picked up a 2007 Street Bob with 3000 miles for cheap! Although I loved my retro looking Bonnie, it couldn't handle the 300 mile rides. My old bike

    Couple Old Freebies

    Long story 8th grade teacher (now in 11th and go to tech school out of town) contacted me and remembered I liked old bikes. She's moving pretty soon and told me I could have these. One's a 24" Schwinn Hollywood and the others a Norman...never heard of that? Plans are to clean them...

    NERRB Mrs. Murphy's Donuts Ride August 30th

    Hey Guys! What do you say we get a ride in the morning up to Mrs. Murphy's Donuts in Southwick, MA? I haven't been on a large group ride yet this summer, so I'm hoping we can get together. We would start in Simsbury and ride the trail North to Southwick. It is 12 miles each way. Start: August...