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  1. idiotboy

    Classic 3 Speeds

    I’m down with that, haven’t had the Raleigh out in a couple years
  2. idiotboy

    Classic 3 Speeds

    Sturmey Archer coaster brake
  3. idiotboy

    Classic 3 Speeds

    Nexus 3 speed on this one
  4. idiotboy

    Classic 3 Speeds

    Got one of these...
  5. idiotboy

    Scribble's Yearly Round Up !

    Dude you got some great bikes
  6. idiotboy

    Bikes with Hot Rods

  7. idiotboy

    Painting Rims?

    What sandman said. Done it several times
  8. idiotboy

    Felt Deep Six - Get your $17 chance at it!! - ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT!

    My all time favorite modern bike!
  9. idiotboy

    NERRB New England Rat Rod Bicycles

    We don’t ride quite as often as we used to but we’re still around, I’m just outside of Springfield
  10. idiotboy

    24x3 wheels

    1946 Columbia with 24” cranbrook wheels off a curb find, only picture I have. Plenty of seatstay clearance but the chainstays are tight and I had to notch the chain guard
  11. idiotboy

    BO15 The Layoff Special

    Love the fat and skinny look, I’d gladly ride that!
  12. idiotboy

    Question about ThickSlicks

    Both sides, I have them on a couple bikes, nice tires
  13. idiotboy

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    And looks like the front fender is on backwards
  14. idiotboy

    Indian "Replica" Springer Fork.

    not the greatest picture quality but cool [emoji41]
  15. idiotboy

    Machine Age Victim's Award for Mechanical Excellence

    I'm honored to have been considered, excellent choice though, thanks.and congrats to Mazda flyer
  16. idiotboy

    Shelby hot rod

    this one’s done, despite my terrible procrastination started with a frame, a pile of parts and a vision and ended up with a bike [emoji605]
  17. idiotboy

    Shelby hot rod

    I’m calling this finished, test rode it last night and the only issue is the quick release doesn’t tighten enough to keep the seat post from spinning, I’ll replace it with this titanium bolt from one of my old mountain bikes after I ride it around town tomorrow and take some pictures , , now I...
  18. idiotboy

    Shelby hot rod

    Thanks, it’s from a diamond frame huffy 3 speed, wouldn’t fit anymore when I put on the exercise bike sprocket. I cut it and painted it to fit this bike, pics soon...
  19. idiotboy

    Shelby hot rod

    Thanks Ian! Sorry I missed you guys in Noho, had to attend my nephews engagement party