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  1. GuitarlCarl

    Knife buildoff challenge

    So where are we with the idea of rules for this build off? I'm thinking I might need to start a file.... Or at least get some notes before it all gets filed away... Carl.
  2. GuitarlCarl


    One day I might build a bike with my eye on the scale... But I doubt it. I have a Planet X it's light enough under 20 lbs fo sho. It's definitely a trek killer, no trauma, straight up killer. ☠️ Of course it's not a 20" either. I do like what you've been doing with the 20" racers over in the...
  3. GuitarlCarl

    Little Spitfire

    I built a cool little 20" last year and hung it from the ceiling in the jam room/studio I'm building. Build you some art and hang it. Carl.
  4. GuitarlCarl


    I like everything but the seat. But I look at bikes like how I'd ride them so... It's a good looker tho. GC.
  5. GuitarlCarl

    FS Schwinn Exerciser 64 tooth Chainrings

    How much for one with big holes like the one pictured? I wouldn't ask but sooner or later someone's gonna need to know... (isn't it stated in the read me first rules, must have a price?)
  6. GuitarlCarl

    WANTED - Cream/White 26" Felt "QUICK BRICK" Tire(s)

  7. GuitarlCarl


    So ya all should be able to finish a bike in 5 months, don't be hoping for another extension! LOL. I suppose I'll tear the ALiEN apart again and get a fade painted. I bought some Testors extreme lacquer in Lime Ice and if the little 3oz can is enough I'll probably hit the seat too. (since I...
  8. GuitarlCarl

    A vote about extending the MBBO/BMXBO deadline

    Well my friend, I haven't really thought about it. It has always been a gap filler for me. I like unlimited builds and hate sitting idle. But there's still time. 50 some odd days so we'll see. Peace out. Carl.
  9. GuitarlCarl

    Knife buildoff challenge

    I was debating a spike. I think my first knife ever will be from a file. Carl.
  10. GuitarlCarl

    ALiEN FiRE rewind

    Well since we've got more time I expect I'll get on this a little more... GC.
  11. GuitarlCarl

    Knife buildoff challenge

    This is a cool idea, Leon. I'm in. I've been thinking of a forge for a while. Jumped down the YouTube rabbit hole today, I'm pretty sure I can build a forge in no time for very little money. I also looked at anvils... Might as well go all in! I was thinking circular saw blade imbedded in a...
  12. GuitarlCarl

    Knife buildoff challenge

    No forge, but I wonder if a plumbers torch would let me do an edge temper? I'm pretty sure I can grind a knife shape out of something else. The trick is to not burn it up grinding though, right? I may jump in after watching some youtubes... Forged in Fire is a fav of mine too. Carl.