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  1. Nickinator

    Wards Hawthorne with Tomahawk Stem

    very expensive stem, 3-400 plus
  2. Nickinator

    Need help with a recent find... Its a 30s Aerocycle

    This Is A major Find. First Thing Is First, Its original Color was Black (A VERY RARE COLOR) I would suggest As much as I can That you try to recover as Much original paint as Possible by removing the barn paint. This Bike needs Time and Patience But could Easily Be one Of the best in the hobby...
  3. 1941 Colson Clipper

    1941 Colson Clipper

  4. 1938 Elgin Bluebird

    1938 Elgin Bluebird

  5. 1940 Huffman Big-tank

    1940 Huffman Big-tank

  6. 1941 Schwinn DX

    1941 Schwinn DX

  7. Nickinator

    Whatdya buy at ML/AA???

    I have owned 4 but I own 2 birds atm nick.
  8. Nickinator

    Whatdya buy at ML/AA???

    still figuring out the photo system here as its been awhile but I bought this at ann arbor.
  9. 1936 Elgin bluebird

    1936 Elgin bluebird

  10. Nickinator

    National Cycle Manufacturing Co. headbadge

    I have seen some very big headbadge collections and high end badges, But I have never seen this badge. I'm thinking that's quite a rare and valuable head badge. Id leave it as is IMO. Nick.
  11. Nickinator

    Any info about these bikes.

    The girls light red bike with the rack is a Shelby 1935-37 Nick.
  12. Nickinator

    '37 Elfman Streamline Deluxe

    I've always wanted to design a bike that looked like it would have come strait out of a sears 1937 catalog and you my friend NAILED IT. I honestly can say that the frame you made is possibly the most beautiful combo of colson commander rear style dropouts, super streamliner frame and a elgin...
  13. Nickinator

    Help id

    Its a 1 year only model, 1941 roadmaster tall tank frame. CWC made it and badged this bike hawthorne from the chainring by the looks of it. They also badged western flyer ones. Nick.
  14. Nickinator

    my schwinn jaguar find

    very nice find. that should clean up really well. Nick.
  15. Nickinator

    Need an Elgin EXPERT to answer

    I would need a picture of the frame to know for sure if the tank would fit, there are two frame styles that year that took tanks. I do know that west-field tanks will not fit Murray frames Nick.
  16. Nickinator

    What would you pay for a silver king

    for just a frame and fork 180 sounds about a good price. but since its cracked 150.
  17. Nickinator

    Any info on this skip tooth women's colson?

    congratulations, you caught my attention. you found a 1939 mercury pacemaker worlds fair model. it seems to be original paint and worth a lot more in that condition, it seems to be missing the front fender ornament but other then that you found a wonderful bike! Nick.
  18. Nickinator

    It's here! Elgin Bluebird

    glad you got it and it survived the war. any clues as to what the original color was? gunmetal, red or blue? Nick.
  19. Nickinator

    1916 flying merkel

    Just bought this 1916 flying merkel racer, thought i would share it with you guys since its been awhile since I have posted :) Nick
  20. Nickinator


    that chainguard is 1939 only the bike was made by murry Nick.