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  1. jimbo53

    S-W Cadet Speedometer-nice head unit but cable broken *now $40*

    Nice and clean head unit. Almost perfect unscratched plastic lens. Think these date to late 50’s-early 60’s. Cable drive tip broken off but speedo works if you put broken tip in back of speedo and spin. The hub unit is complete but tab you bend into spokes is almost broken off. $40 shipped...
  2. jimbo53

    Prewar Silver Chainguard $40 shipped

    Nice reasonably straight prewar chainguard. The hex nuts have been replaced with proper 4 sided nuts.
  3. jimbo53

    SOLD Schwinn Deluxe Pedals (repop) $75 shipped

    These look NOS but came off a restored 1950 D19, so I’ll call them excellent used condition. Still have flashing on rubber pedal blocks but there is some degradation on the edges. These repo pedals were used on the anniversary Phantoms. $75 shipped. PayPal F&F
  4. jimbo53

    TRM Convertible Tank Registry

    To help celebrate yet another excellent Jim Henderson win in this year’s build-off, I’m starting a post to show off your TRM convertible tank builds. Here is mine. Started with a 36 girls Colson. Kept the brown patina pretty much unmolested. Bought the tank from TRM during a Christmas special...
  5. jimbo53

    REDUCED 1964 Columbia Firebolt Rat Bike $425 + $80 shipping

    Selling my custom 64 Firebolt rat bike. Rare 2 year frame that has integrated rear rack/frame. Upgraded to 26x2.125 wheels/tires/chrome fenders. Rear hub /coaster brake (Komet from W.Germany. Quality unit!) and all bearings serviced. Pedals are parts box finds. Have "S" on outer cap but don't...
  6. jimbo53

    Firebolt Rat Bike in Charlotte NC

    64 Columbia Firebolt
  7. jimbo53

    Charlotte Hornets themed bike for NBA All-Star game in town

    Local builder Lukas Johnson built this sweet Charlotte Hornets custom bike. Here is an article-nice to see bikes and builders like this getting some recognition!
  8. jimbo53

    Tank and Delta Rocket Ray for 53 Green Panther

    If anyone has a green tank and matching Delta Rocket Ray light for a 53 Panther like this and wants to part with them. I'm your guy.
  9. jimbo53

    SOLD Higgins Skirt Guard, Chain Guard and Fender

    nice set of parts for your next rat rod build. Minimal surface rust and minor scrapes and dings. $100 + shipping
  10. jimbo53

    SOLD 64 JC Higgins Flightliner Tank, Rear Carrier and Chain Guard For Sale

    Tank with repop lens, reflector and internal wiring/switches (will not sell lens seperately). Currently configured as non-working but externally presentable. Would need battery tray and horn unit to be fully operational. $60 + $10 shipping CONUS Rear carrier w/struts and repop lens. Would need...
  11. jimbo53

    SOLD Red Rocket Grips With Tassels And Brush Guards

    For that final addition to your build that will separate you from the rest of the crowd, here is a set of grips you don’t see every day. Nice condition with a small tear on one of the brush guards. What you see is what you get. $50 shipping included
  12. jimbo53

    Ratted 1964 Columbia Firebolt.

    Built up a Firebolt project by adding drop center wheels with 26x2.125 tires and rusty chrome fenders off a girls donor bike. Satin black rattle can w/added patina. Recovered long spring Mesinger saddle, high rise shock absorber handlebars and stem are prewar parts. Bullet headlight from parts...
  13. jimbo53

    Before and After build shots for my Worksman Trike

    A previous owner started to rat out this vintage Worksman trike by grafting on an early 50's Monark springer. I took it to the next step and beyond!
  14. jimbo53

    Vintage Worksman Industrial Trike

    I put up a long description of this trike on the CABE with a lot of photos, so rather than repeat everything here, click on the link and let me know any info on what I've got.
  15. jimbo53

    Sponge Bob Square Pants bike

    A friend sent me this picture from Tarpon Springs FL
  16. jimbo53

    Vintage Chrome Aftermarket 9 Hole Rack $35.00 REDUCED

    Selling a very nice condition vintage chrome 9 hole rear carrier. The overall length is 2'. The struts are 15" long. The carrier has some very superficial surface corrosion as do the struts, but no dents, bends, or dings. This would be a very easy cleanup, but will leave to new owner to decide...
  17. jimbo53

    How to age new tires?

    I've got a 51 Monark Rocket that I want to maintain the original paint and patina. The tires are shot and I want to replace them with a set of new Duro cream 26 x 2.125's. These new tires are gonna look nice, but the newness and brightness of the tires will stand out against the original paint...
  18. jimbo53

    "Ground Hugger" Recumbant DIY project from April 1969 Popular Mechanics Magazine

    I remember reading the original article in 1969 as a junior in high school. Shop class was my favorite class and I dreamed about building this, but never did. Might want to revisit this in the near future... I remember the steering knuckle was a universal socket adapter to get into tight places...