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    Looking for wheel set

    Any felt wheel sets or 26X50mm wheel sets for sale out there?
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    CWC/Road Master Cycle Truck Find

    On my way to pick up this Ol girl. I’ll post more pictures when I get it home. If anyone has any info would greatly appreciate it. I don’t onow too much about these bikes and I know there’s some never out there with some great knowledge and history. BTW posted in wanted section, I’m looking for...
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    CWC/Road Master Cycle Truck

    Just picked up this ol girl and looking to buy the correct basket and mounting parts that go to this bike. Info or whatever else you have for this ol bike too? Any leads will also be appreciated.
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    Old advertisement for wide hoop wheel sets

    Does anyone recall an ad that ran on the Rat Rod home page for 26" complete wheel sets, I believe were 50 mm wide and available in multiple colored hoops? What happen to that? Im looking for some new wider wheels and can not recall who those were made by or where to get them.
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    I have this rear wheel on my fiances bike that slips when under power. it doesn't do it all the time but does slip for some reason even when just cruising and not from a stop to start. the wheel is a schwinn S2 i believe and the hub only says germany on it. The brake arm says Schwinn Approved. I...
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    Chain style

    Need help looking for chain that I came across on a topic someone started and another person posted on with a picture of a flat or brick style silver or brushed looking chain. Sorry not the best description. Does anyone recall something similar?searched high and low, little help finding the...
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    Does anybody know how I can or where I can ID my Monark using the serial and models numbers found on the BB badge? Is there a data base somewhere?
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    Rear wheel help

    So need some help here. I am building my build off bike but cant come to a conclusion on what bike tire and wheel to use. I have an idea of what I want it to look like, but need some help from you wide rim guys. I want to mimic this wheel set up... DSCF4631 by cinco05, on Flickr I've seen...
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    First time RRBBO contestant and here is my entry ticket to the show. My thought for this build is a bobber or chopper style build and keep it clean and simple. Well here it is and hope you all like it... DSCF5281 by cinco05, on Flickr DSCF5283 by cinco05, on Flickr DSCF5284 by cinco05, on...
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    New Cruiser from Central Coast CA!

    Hi My name is Steve and I am an addict! New Guy here from Hollister CA. About forty five minutes South of San Jose and thirty minutes North East of Monterey/Carmel/Pebble Beach. Been cruising the site now since July and finally getting around to my intro. Twenty six years old and have been...