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    SOLD 1940 straight bar frame $225 shipped, possible trades

    Numbers show to be a 1940. Straight and solid, no cracks. Just some wear on the left chainstay from probably a bent crank at some point. (See photos) Price includes shipping/insurance via Shipbikes May consider partial trades for some 26” BMX forks, blue 1/2” BMX pedals, gold sunshine Rear...
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    SOLD Prewar Roadmaster frame

    Solid and straight frame, no repairs or cracks. Awesome patina. $320 shipped and insured through
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    SOLD Prewar B10’s. Two of them

    Red one is a 1935, black one I can’t quite make out the date but I think it’s later than ‘35 black one looks like the seat stays are tweaked a little bit. It is a slightly taller frame than the red one, but the head tube is pretty short. Red one looked to be straight and solid, just a little...
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    SOLD 15 prewar girls schwinn frames - build off material!?!?

    I can’t ship these, local pick up if your in Southeastern Michigan. What you see is what you get. No head badges or hardware. $300 takes all. You even get one that was converted to a boys bike! Garage art? Sculpture? Build-off material?
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    Trying to figure out what frame this is?

    I have never come across one like this. Double top tube, double down tube.
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    FOUND. Looking for a schwinn 3201 front wheel bearing

    For a 20" S-7 wheel. Anyone have one side laying around? Thanks!
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    Quite possibly a dumb question about a CB nexus 3 hub

    Has anyone took a coaster nexus 3 hub and took out the brake guts to make it a freewheel hub? Is it even possible? I can easily just buy a new wheel and be done but I like to be difficult sometimes. Hah Jon
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    New Guy from SE MI

    Hello. I've been lurking for quite a while. Decided to join see if I can add anything to the table. There is a lot of talent on here! I'm into anything old, with and without motors. I just started tinkering one day with bikes and it turned into an addiction. Here's a few.. They are...
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    Vintage Claud Butler find

    I came across this gem at a bike shop. I usually ask if they have any old parts laying around for tinkering on some old cruiser builds, he rolled this thing out. I know absolutely nothing about these types of bikes. I thought it looked unique, and that's usually how I end up with stuff...