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  1. rrtbike

    Strandie Cruiser BMX?

    The fork change totally transforms these bikes! Collegiate's and Voyager's too!
  2. rrtbike

    Dyno Bikes and Parts

    Guys.... This posting is over a year old!
  3. rrtbike

    The American Crossbred

    That is super simple looking! Excellent!
  4. rrtbike


    Dig the tires! :thumbsup:
  5. rrtbike

    Crusty Cruisin

    Nice job. :thumbsup: I would have maybe liked to seen it in bare metal tho. Is that a 2-speed rear hub?
  6. rrtbike

    one ugly Trek and a John Deere

    Had a Trek similar to that once and after heat, torches, and impacts it came out to reveal the frame was cross-threaded from the factory. The shop I went to said they had seen other Treks like that too. Hopefully you post the John Deere pics when you are done.
  7. rrtbike

    Ladies Roadmaster

    Too nice to part out!
  8. rrtbike

    GT Nomad

    That looks too good to part out honestly.
  9. rrtbike

    Basement Beauty

    I like the tall sissy but either way I would lower the front of the seat so it doesn't smash anything.... :bandit:
  10. rrtbike

    Dyno Kosmopolitan beach cruiser

    Beautiful bike @baldwooky !
  11. rrtbike

    1945 Huffman "Colt 45"

    Looking good already! You should post pictures of you vehicles too... Sounds like my kind of stuff!
  12. rrtbike

    Bratz bike

    Has potential.... I see a trials motorcycle style build! Be cool to use a triple tree fork.
  13. rrtbike

    VW Beetle polished patina

    Very cool in my opinion. Maybe not for everything, but it's cool.
  14. rrtbike

    Kingfish254's Finds - Sep17 - Second Trek CNC Rail - 240,000 VIEWS!!!!!! + Felt Deep Six + TrekCNCRail and SweetSkinsTires Raffles

    That is amazing you wound up with both of the Treks from the book! I would have maybe left the tires on and raffled with the book. I am thinking that is a collector there.
  15. rrtbike

    I guess it was something to do

    Yellow tires for the yellow bike! And maybe loose the fenders...
  16. rrtbike

    A sweet trade!

    Nice job!
  17. rrtbike

    More NOS frames from the dump.

    That might look good with a springer on the front! I bet you can do something cool with it. It looks like it has a small headtube also tho.
  18. rrtbike

    More NOS frames from the dump.

    I recall a few years back when @Joe Conde went to the dump and got several new frames also! Neat stuff!
  19. rrtbike

    BO15 The Bluebird of Happiness

    Excellent! :thumbsup:
  20. rrtbike

    BO15 A Missing Schwinn

    Wow... You have been unfortunately busy. Very sorry to hear all the damage. I live in Western Iowa and we were lucky here compared to you. You bike looks great! I like the paint.