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  1. Danimal

    July 14, 2018 - Martha’s Vineyard Ride! 1st Annual?

    Edit: looks like the date will be July 14th! Mark your calendar people. This one should be epic! Ok peeps. As we started discussing the other day, let’s try and work on some summer rides for the New Englanders. I propose a day trip to The Vineyard. It’s a beautiful place that lends itself well...
  2. Danimal

    Rollfast Springer Fork - Hopalong Cassidy Type

    So yeah, here’s a cool Springer for your rat rod project. Seems to have all the correct bolts and parts. Sandblast and paint or run it as is. Over 7” steerer tube and the beauty of these is they can be cut to any length without issue. Asking $150 (NOW $120) shipped to the 48 states. Or you can...
  3. Danimal

    Columbia Playbike 88 Style Chopper Forks/Bars. 20 AND 26 Inch!!!

    Here's your chance boys and girls. Chances are, most of you have seen this style front end before. Columbia used them on their 20" Playbike "88". It's an integral fork/bar setup. Very cool indeed. I have a complete 20" setup. Use it on your Columbia or other muscle bike. THEN, I also have one...
  4. Danimal

    Fitchburg Rides! Sunday June 26th!

    It's time for the annual Fitchburg Rides event in, you guessed it, Fitchburg Mass. Lots of Iver Johnson history, free vendor spaces for a swap meet, and fun for the while family. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. Danimal

    Old School Diamond Back Hot Streak BMX

    Total survivor condition. Nice trip down memory lane finding this one. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  6. Danimal

    Handlebar Selloff! Bullmoose, Cruiser, Bmx, etc...

    Prices do not include shipping. Pickup in Milford NH and save shipping. NOW: Buy 2 sets, get 3rd bar (lowest price) free! 1st 2 photos. Top 2 sets are Nitto Bullmoose bars. Both have some oxidation but are straight and sweet. Top set has knock off Oakley 3 grips and ACS mountain bike levers...
  7. Danimal

    The Get Yourself a New Sprocket Sale!

    All prices plus shipping from Milford NH. All of these are new or NOS. Top row: all are Black Ops new school front sprockets. All brand new. $15 each. Second row: NOS GT sprocket, (no longer for sale). Pair of star chain rings (no wear on teeth, but have marks where they appear to have been...
  8. Danimal

    [SOLD] Chain Blowout!! Get a Deal on These!!

    Need cash and space. If you need chains, we can make a deal. All of these are brand new. $60 plus shipping. Or pickup in Milford NH. 1 KMX Z7 5 KMZ Z51 1 Sram PC991(nice road bike chain!) 1 Taya TB-500 1 Sunlite 16292 Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  9. Danimal

    Fall Photo Contest Submission Thread

    Here is the spot guys. Post up your best photo or two taken in the month of October. Only rule is no real editing allowed, other than a crop or exposure adjust. This isn't meant to be a Photoshop contest. :) Let's see what you got!!
  10. Danimal

    Fall Photography Contest. Who's In??

    I know there are a lot of photography buffs around here. I propose a "best fall photo" contest. Say during the month of October we have to take the photo and in the 1st week of November we post our final photo or 2 in a new thread. Let the members vote. To keep it fair to all levels let's say...
  11. Danimal

    NERRB Summer of 2015 Events Thread!

    While at the Dudley show today, a few of us got to discussing possible rides and/or events this year. We thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where we can put ideas and also keep a list of dates that are already set. Let's see how it goes. So far, these are the events with set...
  12. Danimal

    Nexus Hubs in a Colson Frame. Anybody Done It?

    I have a Colson loop tail frame (once a girls frame, now a boys) and I want to install a nexus 7 hub. I need to install the little washer that holds the wheel indexed properly, but can't figure out which ones to use. The charts online are a little confusing and not clear. So who has done a 7...
  13. Danimal

    Dec 6th! New England Holiday Get Together??

    Just want to see who might be interested. As the weather changes and gets colder, who really wants to ride? Especially when all we do is worry about snow?? I was just wondering if you guys would be interested in getting together some where for an evening to just hang out and have a little...
  14. Danimal

    For the road bike guys...

    Been looking for a used road bike for myself all summer. Finally picked this up a couple weeks ago. Best I can tell, it's a 2006 Trek Pilot 2.1. Needs a little work, but in great overall shape. And the most important thing, it's a 63cm frame.
  15. Danimal

    Any New England Rat Rodders Going to PA?

    I know it's a long shot, but I was wondering if anybody from New England will be in the Allentown, PA area in the near future? Could use a favor. Dan
  16. Danimal

    Finally Found Something

    Just a Schwinn Fastback in orange. Not quite as nice in person as it appears but it's pretty nice. I'm happy. Might be a keeper.
  17. Danimal

    NoHo Mass Ride! June 14th! BE THERE!

    Another edit: I'll put out an official time and day so we can discuss. Saturday June 14th at 4:00. Meet in the usual parking lot across from the tunnel bar.
  18. Danimal

    June 21st - Iver Johnson Show, Bike Swap, Hill Climb, and Day of Biking Fun!

    A couple local guys are putting this together. Gonna be a good day with an Iver show at the Historical Society, a swap meet (with free setup), a hill climb, and there is talk of an Iver Johnson factory tour. Go to "Fitchburg Rides" on Facebook for details as they are worked out. Here is the ad...
  19. Danimal

    Who Still Has (and uses) a Record Player?

    Sitting here listening to an Animals LP on my Acoustic Research XB1 turntable and it's just so cool. I just need a better (re: old school) receiver. Maybe soon...
  20. Danimal

    Anybody Else Having MAJOR Tapatalk Issues?

    Tapatalk crashing constantly for RRB. If I open the Cabe, it works ok, but as soon as I open RRB, it crashes. Updated the app, uninstalled RRB and tried to go. Can't even search for the RRB forum. Anybody else?