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  1. Chuy

    WTB: Schwinn Dx Frame or something similar

    Buddy of mine is looking for a bike frame to build up. Something like this. Let me know what you guys have, wants a straight/curved bar style frame for a klunker/BMX build. 26” wheel and shipped to 91316 (if you’re not local) Shoot me a message. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Chuy

    Araya Faux-Class Wheels

    I decided to make a false set of Araya Pro Class wheels. Over the years I’ve been drawn to bikes with dimpled rims! I have a few sets of CMC wheels so why not give it a shot. Here’s what I’m starting with. Nice little medium high flanged front hub and a Shimano D-Type coaster for the rear...
  3. Chuy

    ‘57 Schwinn Straight Bar

    I bought this ‘57 a few weeks ago. It came with a mangled drop out and bent chainstays. I got it all sorted out and straight as my lazy eye can see. I stripped it of the cheap green paint, removed chainguard tabs, primered, paint/sand x3 and a few clear coats. I only reused the rims on the...
  4. Chuy

    Is it possible? Yes it is.

    Is it possible to adapt these Oval Concepts 520 crankset onto an American style bottom bracket? I got them for free and I have no idea what type of road/mtb bike they came off of or what type of bearing system they even use. In my head I thought a euro adapter to whatever these bearings...
  5. Chuy

    Couple Cycle Pro’s

    Added another Cycle Pro to the fleet yesterday. I had to bring out my other one for a pic. I really like my coaster Cycle Pro so I’m happy I found a geared one. It is a comfortable cruising bike. I plan on changing it up a little over the weekend and getting a snowflake chainring to match the...
  6. Chuy

    Photoshop Request

    Can someone please photoshop a 3rd bar on this frame? Thinking it’ll look good as a 3 bar cruiser, but my photoshop skills start and end with Microsoft Paint. Here’s the pic, maybe a couple different angles and the 3rd bar ending where the seat tube and top tube meet. Thanks in advance, I...
  7. Chuy

    62 Typhoon Standie

    With all this free time I went thru my parts bins and I put together this Strandie. I have a lot of 26” BMX and just wanted something a little different. Frame 62 Schwinn Typhoon (double straight bar) Cr-Mo 1 piece Cranks and Mongoose Snowflake SR Stem Barefoot Pedals Shimano 3 speed w/coaster...
  8. Chuy

    Vintage VP Toe Clips

    VP-706L Clips came off a vintage mongoose mountain bike. Missing one screw and nut, but other than that they are in good working condition. $15 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Chuy

    The "Dad" Cruiser

    Now that my kid is turning 1 and ready to go on bike cruises at the beach or on pathways I decided that I wanted to build a full time "dad" cruiser. Specifics I had in mind when putting it together: A bike where her bike seat is attached to full time. Internally geared (not automatic)...
  10. Chuy

    Mother Load of Schwinn's

    This person's collection is huge.
  11. Chuy

    ’62 Schwinn Typhoon

    Can someone tell me if these fenders are correct for this bike? I know the stem and bars aren’t correct, but I can’t tell on the fenders. They have a red stripe painted on where a white stripe could’ve been previously. The frame and original wheels have been repainted in the last few years...
  12. Chuy

    Some scores/Upgrades/Stuff

    Swooped in last min on eBay and won this frame a couple weeks ago. Wouldn’t say it was a steal, but it’s a awesome frame for the collection. It has a few layers of paint, with black being the original color on it. Plans to make a strandie out of it, nothing high end. Just need ANOTHER bike that...
  13. Chuy

    67 Sears Fleetwood

    Picked up this woman’s Sears Fleetwood, was told it was a 67 but I’m not really sure to be honest. I bought the bike for less than half the price of the brand new brooks saddle that’s on the bike. Nice little 3 speed for the wife to zip around on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Chuy

    2014 L/XL Fox Flux Helmet

    Size: L/XL Helmet Color: White/Carbon Fiber (Vinyl)/Matte Black Had it in storage and only used a handful of times. Helmet is practically brand new. I recently had my nephew wrap the visor and lower back of the helmet in some carbon fiber vinyl to practice his wrapping skills. So it's removable...
  15. Chuy

    Build off Material Huffy 26" F/F

    Hello, Nice frame and fork for sale. Will make a nice project. Frame and fork are straight. I honestly do not know what year it is, if someone knows let me know. All prices are OBO or could possible trade Frame $20 Fork $15 Chain guard $10 or will toss in with frame. Local sale preferred but...
  16. Chuy

    BMX Society Vintage Bike Show and Swap - So Cal

    I went last year and there was some really nice rides there "carpet queens". Either way some good stuff there to look at and drool over. Location: Chatsworth CA
  17. Chuy

    Team Murray X24

    Saw this Huffy on Craigslist for $20 and I thought it was worth that in parts alone. When I got there he also had the Murray in the garage and I threw him and offer and he said yes. He said it’s an 82 Murray and was planning on working on it to be a cruiser, I guess that never happened. I...
  18. Chuy

    '58 Klunker

    Hey everyone, I bought this Columbia frame this past year and it came with the crankset, headtube cups, kickstand and seatpost. Not much else to work with. I had too many projects at home to deal with first before I can put it together with bits that I had lying around to build a klunker/rider...
  19. Chuy

    Real or Fake Brooks Saddle

    Bought this saddle today for $3 at a swap meet. Has a Brooks nameplate and undercarriage is stamped Viscount 2290. I’ve never seen this type of saddle that’s stamped as a Brooks. Is it a fake? Looks like it says Brocks, but the tin has some discoloration on it. Let me know what you guys think...
  20. Chuy

    SOLD Ladies LW Star Cruiser

    It’s from the 80’s, not to sure what year it could be. 26”wheel Bare frame and chainguard only. Has a few knicks and scratches from all the cat fights that happen with while riding a bike. It’s straight and ready to go. $30 plus the ride. If it doesn’t sell in a couple month. I’m gonna...