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  1. tucker

    MacNeil 265c 26 bmx

    I picked this up because my project pile was down to about 150 units, in other words I needed it. It needs a lot of love. It maybe next years bmx build off victim. It is a nice light frame. I will see how many parts I can gather between now and next year
  2. tucker


    First off let me apologize for the CHEEZY name. The victim is about a 2002 Dyno street series tag. I believe this was designed for department stores. I will attempt to make it a park bike with more interesting components I have lying around. I am in the middle of a kitchen Reno, so reports will...
  3. tucker


    Here it is finished
  4. tucker

    My holy grail

    2017 quadangle 40 anniversary edition
  5. tucker

    BO15 Barracuda

    Hello. This is my first build off. I am not very good on the computer. this bike came up on Facebook this morning. I did not build the frame. I am still figuring out what I am going to do with it. It will be built with parts I already have. I am going crazy with this virus thing, so I am joining...
  6. tucker

    A Few more I have found Lately

    Dahon folders, his and hers 1971 Phillips 3 speed A Bee Kay 10 speed
  7. tucker


    This was in the same barn. It is a Royal Flyer serial no B5531. It has a tiller handle bar and cottered cranks. Again I do not know the year or who made it. There was also a 1940 Hercules
  8. tucker


    I found this old Belknap with 3 other bikes, they had been under the rafters of pole barn since 1966. I do not know the year or who made it, any info would be appreciated. My computer and I are wrestling so I can only put up a limited amount of info.
  9. tucker

    The Highwayman

    Here's my pic. it is an old Hiawatha with a skip chain.
  10. tucker

    Chrome BMX find ?????????

    Here's a BMX I found Saturday.It has Redline Grips ,a prowheel chainring ,Joytech hubs 3/8 axles and 48 spokes. Serial no. on bottom bracket housing is TH 84 10 and under that is 147245. So i am guessing it is a 1984. All the stickers are gone.The chrome has peeled off in a few places.I have no...
  11. tucker

    British Experts needed

    This is an old Hercules I got last summer. It has 28 inch wheels and is a 1 speed with coaster brakes. The Brake arm on the Perry hub says 09 40. This makes me think It is a 1940. The problem is this bike has a Camel back type frame. I have been on the internet for hours trying to find another...
  12. tucker

    Every School Boys Dream

    Here's one I built out of parts this summer. It started with a mid 60's CCM frame. The seat is an old San Marco with springs, I did not know San Marco made seats like this.There is a 2 speed Bendix hub. I have no Idea what the ribbed fenders or the rack came off of.
  13. tucker

    Raleigh twins

    Found at two different garage sales on the same day. Raleigh Superbe's. complete with Dyno hubs ,everything works on both bikes. They are both in nice condition. :D :D :D
  14. tucker

    The Old Cranks Garage

    Hello this is my introduction, I have been a lurker on here for a while and finaly posted a bike in the gallery. This site is an insperation and motivator, my hats off to the RatRod for this site. I am in Canada, 500 miles north of the American border. Here we have 9 months of winter and 3...
  15. tucker

    The Highwayman

    Hello I have been a lurker on this site for a while. I think the creativity here is fantastic. This is my latest build, The Highwayman. It is an old Hiawatha Skiptooth. I am not sure of the year. I know I will have to do an introduction later. My daughter has helped me with the computer, as I am...