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  1. sprocket

    Hey Georgia

    What ever happened to the Coasters Kustom Bicycle Club?
  2. sprocket

    Show me your enclosed cargo trailer

    If you have an enclosed cargo trailer you haul your bikes and related items in to shows and swaps, lets see them! Please, no open trailer's or trucks or vans. I'm looking for some inspiration and ideas. I'd like to see how you stabilize your bikes during transport as well as you store other...
  3. sprocket

    Rattle can clear coat

    I hope this isn't an old thread. Have you sprayed your rusty crusty bike with faded paint with just a can of clear coat from a rattle can ? If so, did you scuff it with a scotch bright pad or what? Were you pleased with the results ? Would you have done something different to achieve a different...
  4. sprocket

    Monark Rocket help please

    I have recently gotten a Rocket I am seeking more information on please. I have been able to identify by the badge on the bottom bracket that it is between a 46-54. Who made the frame ? The model number is 3109, the serial number best I can make out is 074037. Thanks for your replies. I am going...
  5. sprocket

    Hello from Athens,Ga

    Hello all, I've been lurking on here for a few months, eyeing classics, projects, modified and customs. Reading articles, tips and builds and I must say I really enjoy it! I've got several bikes, most are projects or visions, a couple of Rat Finks, Nirve Inferno, a some Schwinns, 67 Firestone...