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  1. OSMojo

    New e-build help, 3G linkage forks, has anyone got any photos of them on their bike?

    Dear all I am about to embark on a new electric cruiser build. Below is a photo of my current one (which I will keep as I love it). I got a great deal on some used 3G linkage forks, but I cannot figure out how they can ever look any good? has anyone ever got these to look good? if so with...
  2. OSMojo

    Rollfast Identification

    So the Ebay listing said this 'You're bidding on a 1936 DP Harris/Rollfast Balloon Tire Bike Frame' I bought a head badge, I knew it was probably not the correct one, and it's not, as you can see from the rivet holes they don't match. How the seller knew it was 1936 I don't know. I photographed...
  3. OSMojo

    1936 Rollfast Rat Rod Survivor Build

    So I finally managed to sort out the head tube. I had to buy two sealed bearings that went into the head tube, then used the existing two as well, so it has four bearings. I still need to add a slim spacer as there is minute wobble. I also need to get a skip tooth crank and chain, pedals, seat...