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  1. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Elgin wheelset/Good Year tires

    26” Elgin wheelset, rolls fairly true. Probably could use a going through, hadn’t been on a bike in a while. Missing little oil cap/zert. Really nice Good Year tires, cleaned up for pic. Asking 150$ shipped.
  2. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Pre-war Roadmaster bent tank

    Want to move this one along, 1939 I believe, (forgot the serial # pic) Roadmaster bent tank. Got it on the Cabe about 3 years ago. Cleaned it up and rode it maybe 20 minutes and it’s been in my shop ever since. I added the grips, seat, pedals, NOS Diamond chain and beautiful Lightning Darts. My...
  3. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Elgin curved bar frame

    Cool curved bar frame, I was gonna Klunk it, but plans changed. Would love to see it klunked. Also have the original fork/truss rods in another ad if interested. Serial # is illegible. Asking 140$ obo shipped from Louisiana, 70525.
  4. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Few parts

    Parts came off my parted out curved bar Elgin. All offers entertained. Prices include shipping from Louisiana, 70525. Trying to raise a few dollars for my new mini bike addiction. Nicely patina’d complete crankset. 50$ Complete MEN'S fork/truss rods/hardware. 3 star design, was painted green...
  5. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Skip-tooth chain

    Nice shape skip toother, 56”, no frozen links, works great. Asking 45$ obo shipped from Louisiana, 70525.
  6. kirkpatrick

    Original Troxel bell cup seat

    Original seat, post included. Asking 135$ obo shipped from Louisiana, 70525.
  7. kirkpatrick

    2 Lights

    Nicely patina’d 3 rib, don’t work-guts are there, plastic lens. Newer screws. Asking 120$ obo shipped from Louisiana, 70525. Cream top loader, guts ARE gone. Plastic lens is glued to bezel, nice placeholder or rat-rod light. Asking 40$ shipped from Louisiana.
  8. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Teardrop reflector pedals

    Decent set of men's pedals for your rider, gone through when I got them, may need fresh grease, it’s been a while. Axels May be slightly bent, but work fine. Asking 70$ obo shipped from Louisiana, 70525.
  9. kirkpatrick

    Mini bike project

    On the hunt for a mini bike project to tinker with. Could be frame only, nothing rare or too expensive. Similar to pics below. Would obviously have to be shipped, unless you're near Louisiana. Thanks.
  10. kirkpatrick


    SOLD....Nice 26” chrome wheelset, Bendix rear hub, front drum brake hub, not sure of the brand, says “made in England”. Little surface rust, but spins good. Got them in a parts lot, don’t know much about them, looking for 90$ shipped from Louisiana, 70525. PayPal preferred.SOLD... 16”...
  11. kirkpatrick

    SOLD 57-58 plate

    Few things picked up recently that I don’t need. Prices include shipping from Louisiana, 70525. Prefer PayPal. SOLD Seiss plunger horn, plunger is slightly bent, but’s works well. Very loud, I’ve been honking it around the house for a few days and everyone’s tired of hearing it. Cool patina, I’m...
  12. kirkpatrick

    Schwinn fenders

    Trying to raise some funds, so someone buy this set of Schwinn fenders I got for a rat project that didn’t pan out. Solid fenders that could use a little TLC, cool period stickers. Repainted Delta Winner, doesn’t work and no lens and is stuck on pretty good. Looking for 90$ shipped from...
  13. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Pre-War Hawthorne

    Been having this for a while, never got around to messing with it so it’s gotta go. Over never even ridden it, slapped it together out the box and been in the shed since. Would make a nice rider with a little love. WILL have to be gone through to cruise, definitely could use a good servicing (so...
  14. kirkpatrick

    SOLD 24” Murray project

    I repeat, 24”, not a 26”er. This is how I got it off of my area’s pathetic Craigslist. No bearings in headset. Build something cool for your kid or wife or maybe you have a pet monkey? I don’t judge, that’s your business what you do with it. Want it gone, asking 120$ shipped OBO using...
  15. kirkpatrick

    Ratty Parts Lot

    Selling these parts together, asking 75$ shipped from Louisiana. PayPal F&F please. 1-crusty Razor stem, has A.S. bolt, rusted pretty good, doesn’t move, but I haven’t soaked it. Missing handlebar clamp bolt. 2-Hunt-Wild mudflap. Good shape but dirty. 3-Delta top loader, inside IS EMPTY...
  16. kirkpatrick

    Assorted parts

    Got some random parts to unload. Here’s my attempt at a neat and organized sell thread. All prices INCLUDE shipping from Louisiana, 70525. PayPal F&F please. Will bundle. Will take additional pics if requested. 1-White smaller flap..20$SOLD 2-Black smaller flap..15$ 3-Columbia reflector..15$...
  17. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Complete N.D. 2 speed

    Bought this recently for a project that didn’t pan out, was gonna use it on another project, but my mind changes like the weather. Got it as a complete working unit, I’ve never hooked it up, opened the box to look at it and it’s been in my room ever since. Needs cleaning, nut outside of brake...
  18. kirkpatrick

    REDUCED 1939 C.W.C. Packard

    O.K., I'm in a selling mood, so it's time to let another one go. 1939 (I believe) Packard badged, C.W.C. made, unique orange and black colored bicycle. These pics are from the day I finished cleaning it up a few months ago, I drove it up and down the road a few times and it's been in my shop...
  19. kirkpatrick

    SOLD 1941 curved bar Elgin

    Up for your consideration, my 1941 original paint curved bar Elgin. Original paperwork is included! Got it on the CABE over a year ago. Took it completely apart and cleaned and regreased everything. Refurbished it, loved it and rode it for a while, but it’s time to move it along. Got a few bikes...
  20. kirkpatrick

    Parts Lot

    Leftover parts from the swap meet, selling as a lot. Everything you see in 1 big priority box. 2 torpedoes, one has bezel, no lenses. 1 horn, put batteries, no sound. 1 weird French pedal. 1 crusty teardrop pedal, shaft bent. 54 link-54 inch skiptooth chain, was mounted but made a bunch of...