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    West, Texas. Not to be confused with West Texas.
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    The previous owner was an bike enthusiast. He switched the wheels to 26 inch but left the rest original. I'm switching the handle bars to cruiser bars. Currently not shifting well but I haven't tried to adjust the derailleurs yet. My wife is eyeballing it already. She stole my last bike. I fear...
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    picked up this 10 speed today. Made in Canada. Probably 1970s.
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    I have become "that guy" (old Schwinn Varsity)

    I aspire to be that guy .
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    My random finds

    In my younger days my friends and I lived by the creed: friends don't let friends drive Chevys. Mellowed on that with time.
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    Another day...

    It really is not much to look at.
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    Meet Matti

    People can be so unreasonable.
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    Walmart 26 inch cruisers

    We didnt have in the DC. Golfcarts. I left in 1992 . a 4000 pound forklift can really do a number on a bike frame.
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    Walmart 26 inch cruisers

    4 years at a walmart distribution center including 3 in shipping . lots of ways to bend the heck out of a bike. We had guys working there that could break an anvil.
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    Hi RRB community. Introduction + photo's

    I don't understand. What does it mean "too many bikes?" Is it possible to have too many bikes?
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    Fenders. Yea or ney?

    Yes on a cruiser. Otherwise depends.
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    BURIED TREASURE - Gallery of Cool Bikes Hidden in the RRB Archives 1817+ PICS

    Hopefully they end up with the right owners, and are being enjoyed. Or are hidden away in attics and barns to be discovered and appreciated by others.
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    Meet Matti

    Obsolete? Not familiar with that word.
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    Jude the newbie

    One does not have to be insane to be here, but it helps. My wife questions my sanity. But she also rides my old Hawthorne! My son is 8 and perfectly at home with insane dad.
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    Austrian Built Sears 9 speed

    Alas its no longer listed.
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    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    Wow. Just wow.
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    Austrian Built Sears 9 speed

    Thanks. I'm pretty sure if I followed guitarcarl's instructions to the best of my ability I would only end up with 2 or 3 extra pieces upon reassembly.
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    Austrian Built Sears 9 speed

    It is an interesting bike but I'm not much of a bike mechanic. Will probably let it sit. I've got a decade worth of projects around the house as it is.
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    Austrian Built Sears 9 speed

    CL ad says its made in Austria by Puch, with 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub with 3 external cogs for a series of 9. Looks interesting, but I'm wondering the 3 speed hub. Is it an SA, or something else, and if something else, is it something that can be serviced and repaired? Asking price is $120.00.
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    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    So you're saying I went by the bank and pulled 600 out for no good reason?