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  1. Duchess

    First time ever building a bike, completely new to the whole thing, advice and help welcome. Huffy Dragster

    If you can braze or weld yourself, you could try replacing the steering tube or cut an intact one off an otherwise junk fork and weld that onto the old one (I would cut the tube on the fork you want pretty low down so that you could sleeve the inside where you put the new extension tube without...
  2. Duchess

    Show us your inexpensive (but comfortable) bike seats.

    I had a Cardiff B17 imitation (I believe the Velo Orange and several other brands are the same mfg., but I could be wrong) on Retro Rocket because it was on sale for about $50 and I wanted a turquoise seat to match and didn't want to experiment with leather painting a real Brooks. The frame is...
  3. Duchess

    Wood frame bicycle

    I think it varies with the item. I was always told 100 years for an antique for things like furniture, but 25 for cars. Don't know where bicycles fall, but just from that small sample, it appears that it might depend upon the likelihood that the item will survive the term. Furniture...
  4. Duchess

    Wood frame bicycle

    Definitely, but that's a lot more than I'd want to spend.
  5. Duchess

    Wood frame bicycle

    I think wood was a fairly popular early material. Here's an 1898 Chilion:
  6. Duchess

    Has anyone made a trike out of a Sears Flightliner/Spaceliner bike?

    The TRM tanks are bolt on (thick) fiberglass, so steel could definitely be stronger, especially if welded on. The old American style head tubes are a different diameter compared to typical newer bikes. I don't know which fork you're looking at, but I would imagine a triple tree kind of fork or...
  7. Duchess

    Has anyone made a trike out of a Sears Flightliner/Spaceliner bike?

    I'm not saying it would break, just be prepared to have a high tolerance for a lack of torsional rigidity or you might want to reinforce it. I have a step-through Sears Spaceliner and Columbia Firebolt (basically the same thing, just Columbia's version). The Spaceliner was stiffened considerably...
  8. Duchess

    Overcomplicated Suicide Shifters

    I thought I'd do a quick post about the Retro Rocket's shifters as, though I doubt this is likely to be imitated, there may be some helpful things for anyone contemplating a suicide shifter from grip shifters for the first time. This is Retro Rocket: The challenge here was fitting everything...
  9. Duchess

    First Build Advice

    A lot of people buy Huffys to use the wheels for a build of something else. The ones on there look pretty rusty, but are they solid metal and can the spoke nipples still be turned to true it? If so, it would mostly just cost you time. If you know someone who can sandblast them for you, that...
  10. Duchess

    Has anyone made a trike out of a Sears Flightliner/Spaceliner bike?

    The Spaceliner trike with the added tubes might have been done for stiffness—these are really floppy frames and a trike would put more torsional loads on it.
  11. Duchess

    1973 varsity schwinn tires

    I assume the tires are missing so you can't read the sidewall, but I believe those are 630 ISO and there's plenty of them still being made. You won't have the selection of more common and modern sizes, but you'll have a decent number of choices available. Unfortunately, a lot of bike shops hate...
  12. Duchess

    Lola's bad idea

    I can see a swan in that frame profile. You're going to cover it in swan body work?!
  13. Duchess

    Woke to 90 nph wind then...

    Whoa, we usually we get the wussy pines that fall over. They can still do damage, of course, but it's almost expected. Definitely would have been a bad day if that hit the house. I like the mangled stop sign pic, though—like nature showing it cares not for our rules or something.
  14. Duchess


    Your daughter's bike is awesome! I tried to get my nephew into building a bike, but it doesn't come with an LCD screen, so he wasn't interested. Maybe the nieces in a few years—they seem more interested in mechanical stuff, anyway.
  15. Duchess


    I tried to keep the vote down to 10. I got it to 11, but I just got a skin graft and it is unpleasant, so that's my excuse for not having it in me to whittle it down further! Got caught up in an electric kayak project (I hope that the remote trim mechanism 3.2 finally works out!) and several...
  16. Duchess

    Are There Any Other Women Bulding Rats on the Forum?

    There are no prefixes for car names, so people assume Duchess refers to myself instead of a real car (now deceased) and various fictional other vehicles (except, strangely, a bicycle). I loved your build—classy and elegant. I especially liked the copper bird fender ornament. I would love to...
  17. Duchess

    Crossframe bike & New coasterbrake design. (Page 1: Coasterbrake update)

    I think that's a great idea! But, yeah, there's probably not much money in it and then you still have to police the patent yourself and it's only valid in whatever country it's issued, there all kinds of ways around them, and Chinese manufacturers won't care, anyway. If it was cheap, the plaque...
  18. Duchess

    Favorite car shows

    I've rarely liked any TV show or movie centered around cars, but for shows I've attended, the 2000 Concorso Italiano, Rennsport Reunion at Limerock, 2000 Monterey Historics, the old Ipswich Concours, and the Lars Anderson Museum lawn events (especially the microcars and they used to have a...
  19. Duchess

    DID YOU BUILD RC Cars, Planes, Boats?

    I had a 1/10 Tamiya Fox with a Reedy Pink Dot or something like that and an assortment of bodies. Would do about 40 mph, but eat batteries (lousy NiCads!). I used to race it at a track at a hobby shop. That thing didn't handle at all, but it held its own in a straight line well enough that I...
  20. Duchess

    Cheap huffy being sold as ready to ride with loose axles and cracked tires.

    And I feel too responsible to sell my RRB 14 BO bike because it only has a single (rear) brake and it's a disc conversion. While it works a lot better than the original coaster, I don't know how it would hold up to heavy use from someone who doesn't know to keep an eye on it and to restrict it...