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  1. Red1

    Colorado Springs Or Surrounding Bike Shows?

    I was wandering if there are any annual Colorado Springs or surrounding area bike shows? I have a few bikes that I would like to sell and I live in the Springs. Thanks, Red
  2. Red1

    Purple Repop Schwinn Stingray - Value?

    Was wandering what the year and ball park value is for this purple repop. Thanks in advance! (Click on the top right where it says 9 images) Hopefully this works. Photobucket was failing to load. The only difference in this pic is that I put some old...
  3. Red1

    Chrome Bike

    Any ideas on what kind of bike this is? Looks great. Thanks, Red
  4. Red1

    Vintage Schwinn?

    I was wandering if anyone has seen this green paint on a vintage Schwinn? I haven't and was wandering how much of this bike is probably original? Just curious what yalls thoughts are on it? Just a strange color combo...
  5. Red1

    Where should I post a request?

    Hello, I am looking for a reputable bike technician to setup a LED in a old light. It basically a empty shell. Does anybody know where I should post this or someone who specializes in this area? Thanks, Red
  6. Red1

    51 Phantom Wheels? Value

    Any value to these wheels? I dont think they are complete. I put a pic of what they came off of.
  7. Red1

    APPLE KRATE STING-RAY Banana Bicycle Seat - NOS - PERSONS - ALL ORIGINAL APPLE KRATE STING-RAY Banana Bicycle Seat - NOS - PERSONS - ALL ORIGINAL. (Please see the Persons stamp on the tray). I am sorry that I dont know more about this seat except that it is in pristine condition. No rips or tears and ready for a frame. Seat...
  8. Red1

    Frame Markings?

    These are some interesting Schwinn Frame Markings? Any idea what they mean? I assume one of the them is manu. #? Thanks, Red Here is the link to the bike Head...
  9. Red1

    Apple Krate Seat

    Hello Friends, This post could have actually fit on some other threads. I am still wandering if this is the right one. Anyways, I have a Apple Krate seat that im hoping can be identified. It was sold to me as a "original" however I have my doubts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am...
  10. Red1

    Eddie Munster's Ride

  11. Red1

    Economical Ways To Mail Bike Parts

    I am wandering how so many parts and bikes are mailed out so cheap through the buy/sell: Example: I have some ape bars I want to sell for 20 bucks plus shipping. Say I set a price of 15 bucks for shipping. The buyer could be 100 miles away or 1,000 miles away? Seems to me that shipping could...
  12. Red1

    Columbine Killer Destroy Bike Video

    I was watching a documentary on the Columbine massacre and they posted a video of one of the killers destroying a bicycle prior to his killing spree. Yes, mentally deranged to sledge hammer a bicycle! I still pray for the families Red
  13. Red1

    Ranger With England And Chicago Headbadge?

    Was wandering what yall thought the value of this bike would be. Its kinda interesting that it has Chicago and England on the head badge? Thanks, Red
  14. Red1

    What? Sued for What? I thought bicycles always have the right away? Take care, Red
  15. Red1

    Unknown Tank?

    I came across this unknown but very kewl tank. Does it look familiar to anybody? Thanks, Red
  16. Red1

    Found This Ole Green Machine

    I got my thinking cap on how to rat this out. Should be fun. Has anyone had experience with them? Thanks, red
  17. Red1

    51' Phantom Project

    Thought I would post a quick pic of where I am at on the Phantom. Cleaned up the frame today. I plan on putting the crank/sprocket on soon. I have a key coming that should fit. Wish me luck on that one. I dont think im gonna put the front springer fork back on until I give that key a test...
  18. Red1

    51' Phantom Wheelset

    51' Phantom Wheelset Sup, I am wanting to replace my old worn out bent wheels with some new. I have a 1951 Phantom and want to replace the wheelset with a 140 or 70 spoke count wheelset. Any suggestions? I am unfamiliar with sizing etc. Coaster with 26.125 size tires. I am looking for a easy...
  19. Red1

    Hi From North Alabama

    Thought today would be as good as any to introduce myself. Bikee's call me Red. I got interested in bikes when I was 6 and the neighbor kid had a Evil Kenieval bike. It pissed me off cuz his was always faster. The seed was then planted. I caught the bike bug about 8 months ago and started...