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  1. RustyGold

    How do you RRB?

    I took me six weeks to catch up on my eight week hiatus. I did cheat a bit on some of the build journals...some of those were a tad excessive, so I may have not read every post (or every page :blush:).
  2. RustyGold

    Columbia Newsboy score

    Mr Columbia's page on Newsboy Specials (archived, so slow loading): Mr Columbia - Newsboy Special BMA sticker started in '71-ish, and '75 was the last year for that frame style. Cool score :thumbsup:.
  3. RustyGold

    Pre-war Huffy

    That frame came out in '49...maybe late '48...and ran through much of the '50s. If it's badged Huffy, and with that guard, I would guess early to mid '50s. The serial will give you the exact year, it will start with either #H or H#...the # being the last digit of the year. Cool bike... great...
  4. RustyGold

    Mongoose BMX Trash Find

    Mongoose Hoop D. Value...not much.
  5. RustyGold

    Motorized Rat Rod in Malta

    Nice Malta Rod :thumbsup:
  6. RustyGold


    Amen to that :thumbsup:
  7. RustyGold

    Horsefarmer's fresh finds

    Found an '89 with a similar graphics package, but it is a 12spd. I think that probably makes yours an '88. Sport LX looks to have been made from '79 to '89.
  8. RustyGold

    Horsefarmer's fresh finds

    I think the serial number location puts it after '85. I would have guessed '88, but I can't find any '88s with that graphics package. Good find, regardless.
  9. RustyGold

    Trying to figure out what frame this is?

    Oh...the front end has been munched...what are you going to ask for it?
  10. RustyGold

    Box of Covid delivered today...

    It's a beast :thumbsup:.
  11. RustyGold

    Trying to figure out what frame this is?

    2. CWC built: downtubes curve just before the bottom bracket. 3. Snyder built: straight downtubes all the way to the bottom bracket.
  12. RustyGold

    Trying to figure out what frame this is?

    There is a non-Monark five bar thread on the Cabe as well, for Snyder and CWC versions.
  13. RustyGold

    Harley Davidson GT Frame

    I searched around a bit to see what it looked like stock... I think it will make a cool custom...but, sure wasn't that attractive stock :grin:.
  14. RustyGold

    Has anyone made a trike out of a Sears Flightliner/Spaceliner bike?

    Definitely give it ride before throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I've ridden several 'flexy' bikes and haven't felt a thing different. I've done hi-ten, chromoly, carbon fiber, and aluminum forks and couldn't tell 'harsh' from 'springy' if you paid me. I'm 6'2" and have ranged from 190...
  15. RustyGold

    Box of Covid delivered today...

    Here is the non-descript markings, practically no hint to what lurks inside... ...first peek inside reveals naught... I dig a little deeper, and find my first clue... ...and then, just like that, full on exposure to The Covid... ... CRUISER! I hope I survive...
  16. RustyGold

    The next major buildoff?

    Its a girls' Eliminator!
  17. RustyGold

    My Oregon Neighborhood (9/7/20 update)

    We had rain last night and this morning. I saw the sun today...a blue sky...and the world didn't smell of smoke. Nice change.
  18. RustyGold

    So I kinda stumbled across some stuff, and then one thing led to another and well...

    Welcome to RRB! Looking forward to seeing your projects :thumbsup:! Jason
  19. RustyGold

    26"x80mm rims to fit on a 24" frame set

    Fingers crossed.
  20. RustyGold

    26"x80mm rims to fit on a 24" frame set

    Thanks for the update... bummer.