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  1. Tiffany79

    Krate or Stingray?

    Can anyone tell me what other Schwinn may have 2 different size tires, the back one being slick?
  2. Tiffany79

    Help with identifing bikes and possibly some fenders??

    Hi, I have a few bikes I am having trouble indentifing some bikes I aquirred. I don't know a whole lot about vintage bikes, other than which ones I like to ride. If anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it. Also is there any easy way to figure out fenders, as to what style bike they are from...
  3. Tiffany79

    Help I.D. a Monark Silver King & a Firestone??

    Hi, I'm looking for some help with these 2 bikes; 1st one is a Monark Silver King, model# 4406 and s/n#0307527, also It has the 26" balloon tires. The 2nd one is a blue Firestone, it's aa girl or women's bike and the serial#A115878. It has white handle bar grips, a white leather seat and white...