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    prewar 20" elgin?

    This was part of a take all junk deal, a buddy of mine thinks it's a girls prewar elgin with a "sex" change somewhere along its life. Any ideas? Thanks! [/URL][/IMG]
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    Bf Goodrich help with year

    Picked up from the local CL for cheap to build a neighborhood cruiser. Looks like someone took this bf Goodrich, repainted it and dressed it up with parts from a newer schwinn. Need some hep figuring out a year for the frame and fork. Thanks!
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    Schwinn Fastback

    Picked this up from a local flipper, looks to be a 1969 Fastback 3 speed, can't really find much info on it, I find more about the 5 speeds.
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    World Deluxe badge

    Any idea what I can get out of this badge? Thanks!
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    Couple of smalls (fork and a bell)

    Picked up these 2 smalls at a bike swap today, bell was in a $1 box and the fork in a free box :)
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    Who is/was Maurice J. Frank "The cycle man"?

    Have this badge that came off a late 40's schwinn bike, can't really find anything about it except for another one that a member here had.
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    Show us your titanium bikes

    Here's a couple of CL finds I couldn't pass up, originally bought them to flip but now my favorite bike.. Litespeed Palmares, full DA 9 speed. and my Cyclocross/touring Appalachian(work in progress)
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    Little red scrambler

    Picked up from a g-sale over the weekend.
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    One more for the bmx people ;)

    Local CL find(original pic from seller), 83 Quadangle with a mix of goodies like DX post, tuff neck, cw pro bars, HL turbo cranks, etc.
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    3 crazy weeks of scores (for bmx people)

    This all happened in the last 3 weeks :) I've stopped looking for and buying bmx stuff so I haven't found anything in a long time. One morning my dad sends me the picture below of a bike he found at the thrift store for $20 bucks asking if it was any good :lol:. Couple of pics when received...
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    Cleaning out the garage, found me some vintage bmx cruisers

    Here's some 24" cruiser I've found over the years, time to get rid of them all. 1986 24" GT Cruiser 24" Titan. 24" 1986 Robinson. 24" 1982 Mongoose two four. 24" 1983 GT Cruiser. 24" 1995 Auburn Cruiser. 3 more I got no pics of :).
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    Carboard bike

    Though this was cool.
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    ❤❤ My Hybrid ❤❤

    Just picked up from my local paint guy who did some touch up on some surface rust spots. Great job Mike(RiverRat)! :D
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    Big Dummy

    Picked this up from the local CL for 2 franklin's :shock:
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    One more for the bmx residents

    Got a call from a lady who is moving and needed to get rid of her husband's old bmx bike ;)
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    ★ BARN FRESH ★

    Something you guys will like :D **UNKNOWN BIKE** Military? there's a badge on the top tube that reads "US AAF" and then a number, cranks obviously non original, wheels probably aren't original either, most nothing but the frame :) COLSON SCHWINN for bmx people
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    Old garage ornament

    This one has been hanging from a garage for the last 27 years. 1983 Blue Max
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    1980 Schwinn Cruiser

    I usually don't pick old Schwinn bikes anymore because I got no room and I'm more into bmx but I couldn't pass on this one, all original in super clean and original condition. Originally owned by an old lady from California who passed away and her daughter just wanted the bike gone, so she gave...
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    A sweet cruiser find

    Picked this one up (80's Laguna Cruiser) from a local flipper 8)
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    Received a call from a buddies aunt about some bikes she had for sale, went to look at the "bikes" and came back with these 2 haha. Couldn't pass on them at the asking price. I used to buy and sell these a while ago until I fell from one on the concrete! :cry: