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    Looking good. :cool2:
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    I posted the video update in Bike Talk yesterday under the heading "From the Tube". I won't cry if you delete it. :rofl:
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    From the Tube:

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    hi my name is Aj

    Welcome aboard. :forum:
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    Middleweight with lightweight wheels?

    Completely forgot that thread :rofl:
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    Rusty/Patina Bicycle Gallery

    I don't know, but it's 1 inch pitch, so a lot fewer than a modern 1/2 inch
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    Hey There

    Welcome aboard. :forum:
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    :39: Overall bike looks a little foreshortened as well.
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    Ed Roths Birthday
  10. deorman

    Ed Roths Birthday

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    Rusty/Patina Bicycle Gallery

    Looks like an older Trek frame, or maybe a knock off like RustyGold said.
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    A term coined by some Californians who took off-road bashing to new levels and pushed forward development of the modern mountain bike.
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    A few disc brake questions

    Had a tadpole trike at one time with 2 separate brakes, one on each side. Stopped fine, even though prone to doing stoppies. That wouldn't be a problem with the paired wheels in the rear. edit: if pulling to one side squeeze the other side harder.
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    Newb to yet another Addiction

    Ditto. :cool2:
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    New guy.

    Welcome aboard. :forum:
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    Mini Mystery Muscle Bike

    If you manage to take apart the side that does NOT have a sprocket, the other side will not need to be taken apart.
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    The wooden speedboats brought back memories of my grandfathers vacation cabin on the Chesapeake. I imagine his boat would be worth a small fortune now.
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    Mini Mystery Muscle Bike

    Behold, the elusive goose neck stem! :android: