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  1. RZ94

    How to clean old spokes

    I just replaced all my cadium plated spokes with stainless steel. Less work, better look, permanent results.
  2. RZ94

    show your Spaceliners!!

    1964 Flying O Lancer
  3. RZ94

    $20 thrift store find

    Bone stock...1982 Huffy Good Vibrations, built in the good old USA. Replaced rotted tires and that nasty black foam grip. Cleaned and lubed everything. Another nice rider.
  4. RZ94

    Lets see your Columbia's!

    Yeah I know...these don't get much love but with the wheel/tire/ hub upgrade I did its a sweet rider and an attention getter on the public bike trail
  5. RZ94


    1964 Otasco badged Flying O Lancer
  6. RZ94

    "For Ape Hangers Only" Club

  7. RZ94

    "1937" Columbia

    There is some major hate out there for this bike. Yes, it's made in China, I don't like that any more than any one else, but I think after a few mods, I can forgive it's birthplace. It rides great, I can't believe how many people stopped me to ask about it or just admire it. New wheels, tires...
  8. RZ94

    "For Ape Hangers Only" Club, but their site is shut down...
  9. RZ94

    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    My two brothers. Late 70's Good Vibrations.
  10. RZ94

    "For Ape Hangers Only" Club

  11. RZ94

    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    I've had this one since's always changing.
  12. RZ94

    Otasco Flying O Lancer

    Another angle
  13. RZ94

    Otasco Flying O Lancer

    Mine, currently. Just added the center stand.
  14. RZ94

    show your Spaceliners!!

    I found mine to be very uncomfortable for more than a 10 minute ride. It has virtually no padding, and the springs are for someone a lot lighter than my 200lbs.
  15. RZ94

    South FLA, daylight saving time, awesome.

    Gotta love the time change, and the weather in sunny FLA. What a pleasure to get home from work and ride.
  16. RZ94

    Updated my Rail

    Yes, its the original sprocket
  17. RZ94

    Updated my Rail

    Yes, other than apes, sissy bar, longer brake cables and new tires, she's 100% bone stock. The build date is early June 1967, and the experts have told me thats why it has this sprocket and the opaque spoke protector as well.
  18. RZ94

    Updated my Rail

    The bike is small in reality, as I sit here looking at it compared to my cruisers. It just made it so much easier to ride.