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  1. sandman

    Rat Rod Forum Advice Needed For Building Truss Rods from Scratch

    With a thin wall tubing like that , you will need some kind of bender to stop kinks . Amazon has them for around $13 . I come from the electrical industry and have bent miles of conduit .
  2. sandman

    Schwinn Deliveri

    I like the old mattress seats . Springs right they belong .
  3. sandman

    Rat bike guys adjustable wrench.

    All kinds of multi-function tools out there that include a adjustable wrench . Mine are made by Leatherman .
  4. sandman

    Unofficial March Shootout II

    I,m done . For now .
  5. sandman

    Unofficial March Shootout II

    Klunkers beware . I think I'm going to be waiting at the finish line for you . Tires fit , although there's probably more inter tube then air in them with the 4" tubes at 20 LBS . I like the one piece adapter and Sand Jam bare foot pedals . Want to pick up a new chain and finger nail polish to...
  6. sandman

    Unofficial March Shootout II

    I personally like the Hawk badge better ? But I like the brooks seat on the little thing .
  7. sandman

    Walmart Klunkers

    Too cool ? That was fun even sitting here in isolation .
  8. sandman

    What have you been riding lately?

    Your brother probably has quit the collection in heaven as well . I'm sure he wouldn't miss this one ?
  9. sandman

    Chainguard ID

    Elgin or Shelby ?
  10. sandman

    Help with fork size

    Let me know if you a problem finding one . I have a couple that came off girls Jamis Boss Cruisers . Not sure if steering tube's are long enough ?
  11. sandman

    Help with fork size

    1 inch BMX style .
  12. sandman

    Year of the Rat ?! RRB Build Off #15 !

    Moving again this year ?
  13. sandman

    Unofficial March Shootout II

    Can you somehow fasten some Velcro straps on the cooler ?
  14. sandman

    Elgin ?

    Turns out the bike is a 1945 Westfeild Columbia bike built just after WW2 . Was traced back by a Cabe member . Original owner now resides in GA.. and was around 12 when he recvd. the bike . Another project for later .
  15. sandman

    1951 CWC Roadmaster

    The humble Upholsterman makes it look too easy and with no relief cuts around the edges . I have done a few and still have wrinkles . Nice video and nice build , I'll just keep practicing ?
  16. sandman

    Unofficial March Shootout II

    When I arrived home after my non productive junk hunt the 4" tubes were awaiting at the front door . So you know wrencher's can't wait so I had to throw the front wheel together . Seems everything might come together ?
  17. sandman

    here goes nothin'

    Looks familiar ? Looks like the same frame as chucks SHD ?
  18. sandman

    Unofficial March Shootout II

    I need a brake from this heat so I think I'm going to take a ride over to the bike junk yard . Anyone missing a widget for your build ?
  19. sandman

    Unofficial March Shootout II

    Thanks US , I'm shooting from the hip hear so your advice is very much appreciated .
  20. sandman

    Western Flyer Jet Plane Tanker 50s

    Wheres mine ?