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  1. Homebrew

    middle name DANGER

    Picked up a batch of these a year ago with the intent to retrofit for actual headlight use. Well they've sat in the shop long enough.....time to build. Got one put aside for bonine prize vault As for the bike, from scratch or scrap I'll figure that out later.......
  2. Homebrew

    Paddy Waggin' Rollin

    Ready to roll pic and before pic. From grocery getter to hot dog cruiser. Will eventually add a cover to the trailer to keep Grant shaded from the mile high sun. Build thread: viewtopic.php?f=76&t=72048
  3. Homebrew

    Serial Number Decoding

    Picked up a Hawthorne and trying to date it based on the serial number. Here are the numbers under the bottom bracket: D43323 AC (with small w in the C- I assume Cleveland Welding). Can anyone date this based on the number provided- tried to web search the decoding with no luck. Thanks, Pete
  4. Homebrew

    A Schwinn what?

    Picked this up a few months back and pulled it out when we had nice weather earlier this week. Tried to find info on the model/style online, but no luck.
  5. Homebrew

    Paddy Waggin'

    Our fifth family member never learned to ride on two wheels and is getting up there in age, so my build is dedicated to providing Grant with sweet ride to partake in the cruisin' Picked up a Worksman PAV3 over the winter and kids trailer......the starting point. Being May 1st and in...
  6. Homebrew

    Additional Bike Pics

    I came across this photo online and wanted to see detailed pics of the bike, mainly how the springer is attached to the top of the steer tube and if it is). The builder is John Youens, not sure if he is on this site- I searched for more pics with no luck. Noticed the picture isn't showing up-...
  7. Homebrew

    St Petersburg Florida

    Anyone reside in the St Pete area or someone familiar with the area? We will be flying down for a week in February and hoping to get local knowledge on the biking and other sports- stand up paddleboarding and kayaking to the parks. I found a place that rents bikes by the hour, but want to...
  8. Homebrew

    Kudos to max210

    At the end of September Max bought a fork from me- shipped it on the 1st and USPS took control, as you can see below it took 3 weeks to go priority CO to CA. Max hung in through the ordeal and happy to say it finally arrived on the 18th, 9 days after the expected delivery date. He had every...
  9. Homebrew

    Homebrew Denver CO

    With the snow starting to fly it's a good opportunity to finally send out an intro. Been on the site for almost a year and probably my most visited and favorite. Started building bikes a few years ago and get approached by people everytime we ride- created the company Homebrew Cruisers not to...
  10. Homebrew

    Ode to Da Fink

    My son has been cruisin the hills of Denver on a single speed until now. He now has a 3 speed with custom Rat Fink shifter made from a Rat Fink bobble head and an old beer tap.