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  1. ind-chuckz

    SOLD 26” Se wheelset

    F/S 26” Se rims wheelset Front large flange hub Rear Shimano 8 speed hub freewheel Rear nexus roller brake $300 shipped Houston,Tx US ONLY
  2. ind-chuckz

    BO15 'Beatnik Bombita'

    26/5" got I've got one in stock left and more on the way.
  3. ind-chuckz

    Found.....fat tire rear rim 26"

    MotoMagz when you need some wheels shoot me message I can get you fixed you fixed up.
  4. ind-chuckz

    Found.....fat tire rear rim 26"

    What size 26 by?
  5. ind-chuckz

    Found.....fat tire rear rim 26"

    No problem brother!
  6. ind-chuckz

    Found.....fat tire rear rim 26"

    I might be able to help with what your looking for.
  7. ind-chuckz

    Rack for sale

    Can you see it now?
  8. ind-chuckz

    Rack for sale

    Rack for sale in good condition. $30 shipped Houston,Tx US ONLY
  9. ind-chuckz

    Get a grip

    These are still available.
  10. ind-chuckz

    Get a grip

    The moto grips are sold.
  11. ind-chuckz

    Get a grip

    $10 a pair Houston,Tx US ONLY
  12. ind-chuckz


    Man I wanted those wheels.
  13. ind-chuckz

    Studebaker Pedal Car

    Pretty cool!
  14. ind-chuckz

    26” wheel set nexus hub

    I would be interested in the fork,frame and chainguard.
  15. ind-chuckz

    Schwummit strandie

    Blue my favorite color too!
  16. ind-chuckz

    Schwummit strandie

    I've got some if any interest.
  17. ind-chuckz

    SOLD Schwinn King Size and prewar DX frames

    I don't push heavy duti frames like I did before but I have some.
  18. ind-chuckz

    REDUCED Airbrushed Schwinn chainguard for sale

    Schwinn airbrushed chainguard for sale was on a Schwinn hornet bike. Houston,Tx $100 Shipped US ONLY
  19. ind-chuckz

    A couple of Uncle Stretches frames

    The blue bike those are 26x3" Cruzos the green bike has Big Apples on it.