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    Raleigh Chopper / Raleigh Fireball

    Mitchell... It looks like you could use a few more yourself! :thumbsup:
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    Show Your Muscle Bikes

    I am finishing up this 69 tall frame, 3 speed-coaster, Chopper. I am still searching for an original paint chain guard for it...
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    Persons Siren

    In good working condition. What you see is what you get......$30 + postage.
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    Raleigh Chopper MK1

    Watch on UK ebay. There are also a few web sites dedicated to Choppers but parts are getting tough to find for them.
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    This old pepper mill

    Hoping, maybe they've changed it. It's not a bad design, they've just been using it now for a few years. Just the bottle cap collector in me being curious..
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    SOLD Murray Rat Trap Springer

    Message sent...
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    This old pepper mill

    Speaking of breweries.. is Legend Brewing company still using the bottle caps with the unicorn on it?
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    What price to put on AMF Skeeter Wheelie

    I understand about trying to get a grasp on the value of your bike before you sell the bike but if it's about the $ post it on ebay. You'll get what the market bares for it at that time. I am not sure why there's a value problem with this. Sounds like you've had fair offers for it but you're...
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    Ok, there's no interest? How about $25 + shipping for the pair?
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    I have a few misc. head lights that were actually off older tractors but they are perfect size for bikes (about 5" in diameter). You'll have to fabricate mounting brackets for them. Shipping is included in the price within the ConUS. The first one is.....$25 The second one is the same...
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    Schwinn Stingray Slik?????????

    Fastbacks use 20 X 1 3/8 tires. The Slick pictured will not fit the S-5 & S-6 rims that were used on the Fastbacks...
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    Pappy's new Nash

  13. 71SC360

    Raleigh chopper

    MKII, Some missing and or incorrect parts on it but it's a good color. It'll ride much nicer when you get the correct handle barz on it....
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    How many bikes do you own?

    I have 12 and should be down to 11. I'll probably sell off a few others in the near future and cut up at least 3 for a build next spring. That should get me down to about 5 or 6. Maybe I should think about parting with a few more..
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    Chrome Spaceliner

    Think I am going to sell it as is. I've got way too many projects right now.....
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    Show Us Your First Car

    Mine was a 69, 390, 4 speed, AMC Javelin. Wish I still had it...
  17. 71SC360

    Chrome Spaceliner

    I just picked up this chrome Spaceliner. It's missing the center part of the rack and the headlight. The chrome is very nice and with minimal work, could be ridden. I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet...
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    How did you come up with your AVATAR ? And Screen Name ?

    I found my first in 1980 and have tracked and documented them since. The other 4 "fell into my lap" through the research that I was doing on them. Back in the 80's they were cheap... very cheap. My first was only $400. The one I own now was $2500 (as seen in the above picture), purchased about...
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    How did you come up with your AVATAR ? And Screen Name ?

    Mine is just a mad hornet because I am into AMC SC/360 Hornets. A one year only car, built in 71. Came from the factory with a 2 or 4 bbl 360, ram air and a 3 spd auto or 4 spd manual trans. I've owned 5 of them over the years, still amazes me since they only built 784 examples. I still own one...
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    Finding stuff while riding

    A cornucopia of stuff....