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  1. Wade

    Not New, Never Posted In This Section

    Hey, everybody. I'm not a new member but I've never posted in this section. I live in Ohio and have been building and loving bikes since before I was 10. We had a Huffy manufacturing plant here in my town so I still have a soft spot for Huffy bikes which most collectors don't care much for. I'm...
  2. Wade

    Finished.....The Hawkliner

    I was pretty much AWOL for the last month with any updates to my Hawkliner but it has been 98% finished for the past 6 weeks. I was searching at least once daily on all bike forums, eBay, etc., trying in vain to find the light bezel and control panel I needed to finish my tank but this week I...
  3. Wade

    The Hawkliner

    Hi, all. I'm not new to the forum but this is my first build off bike of any sort. I'm excited and my expectations are solidly in check. I have a collection of several hundred bikes and normally I like for my bikes to look their age but ride like new. I like to rehab bikes everyone else has...
  4. Wade


    Chillin' by hawk_eye_photography, on Flickr
  5. Wade

    Vintage Bike Chains

    Do you guys mind weighing in and giving me some information on vintage bicycle chains? I recently tried to mount what I thought was a vintage 1" pitch skip tooth chain on a 1930's Packard. The Packard came with this chain on it but the bicycle was not rideable and the wheels are about shot...
  6. Wade

    Any Ideas on The Age and Origin?

    I bought this tandem frame in a pile of auction "leftovers" last summer and have done a lot of Google and Yahoo image searches trying to decide what make and year this may have been. I can't seem to find anyone who has seen one like it before. This is the perfect group of enthusiasts to ask. The...
  7. Wade

    Trauma-Free Tire Changing

    Hey, guys. I'm looking for a little help with swapping out some tires and doing it with the least amount of trauma possible to my rims. This is my first post asking for help and although this question may sound silly to all the seasoned vets out there I'm not really a bicycle newbie. For the...