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    1969 Foremost (Raleigh) sex change

    I've got three Raleigh built bikes, two 1967 huffy sportsman and this foremost (jc penny house brand), all three speeds, the huffys were my mom and aunt's when they were kids, and I'm planning on restoring at least one, but I found this in the trash, and inspired by the sex changes on RRB, most...
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    Late 40s CWC Western Flyer

    Been rebuilding this for the past six months, got the last spokes adjusted and tires put on yesterday, rode it around the neighborhood for a while. Heavy as heck, but smooth. Used to belong to my grandpa. Just have to paint the fenders chain guard and rack, install the truss rods, and it's all good!
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    Best replacement pedals

    Need to replace the crappy pedals on my huffy santa fe, anyone have suggestions? I stand to pedal often, so that's a consideration, I weigh 185