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  1. BARTO

    Columbia - reproduction

    Great for Rat Rods, no worry about using OG paint or modifying an OG part. $75 buck-a-roos plus 50 percent of the ride. Recently bought it for a project I'm building but didn't pay attention and it's incorrect. Cool, cheap tank for your Rat. Bart
  2. BARTO

    Need a Prewar Hawthorne Fastback framke hanging tank for large Coke Thermometer

    Hello all, I have a 29" by 9" 1939 Coke Thermometer...looks like a bottle. Excellent condition. The Coke price guide suggests $100.00 for one in poor condition to $550.00 in mint condition...mine is very good to excellent. Based on what I see, I would think mine would be in the $400.00...
  3. BARTO

    REDUCED Delta Winner top half shell

    Just found this in my stash, top half of light with dirty but overall good lens. Surface rust inside, no dents outside has great patina for an og rider. $40 shipped call dibs and pm me. Bart
  4. BARTO

    SOLD 5 star fenders

    Kelly green 5 star fenders, white lines with a limeish pin strip, no brackets. I'm fairly sure they are og paint. Very nice shape 55 plus the ride from Connecticut. Bart
  5. BARTO

    Roadmaster part out

    Hello all, have a 1947 Road master frame that I added a bunch of reproduction parts to. Now I need some hot rod $$ and it needs to go. All prices are plus to offers! Bike as is - 300 Frame - 75 Tank - 100 Rear rack with brake light - 75 Fenders - 45 Chain guard - 45 Chain wheel...
  6. BARTO

    1940's NOS Trouser loops

    $5.00 each plus shipping, I have a bunch. Buy them as giveaways for your club or buy a bunch and put one on each handlebar in your heard. $5.00 each is cheap. Buy em now
  7. BARTO

    Stuff for sale

    MAKE ME AN OFFER ON THE REMAINING ITEMS>>>NEED HOT ROD CASH Single grip from 30's Hawthorne -15 shipped,NOW 10 SHIPPED replace that torn one or complete that set Unknown Fork - 30 shipped Truss rods, does not include mount - 25 shipped _ SOLD 2nd set of truss rods, includes mount - 30 shipped -...
  8. BARTO

    Cool 1941ish basket and a bunch of trouser loops- CHEAP

    Pile of junk sold, thanks Chucksoldbikes, Last item for sale, NEW PRICES - 30 black enamal NOS Bevins1940's trouser clips, but ya gotta buy the whole $40.00 buck-a-roos plus the ride. Can't beat that with a stick! 1941 basket $35.00 $hipped Thanks, Bart
  9. BARTO

    Need some bike $, Road master fs

    I have what I think is a 1947 Roadmaster for sale. S/N A91766 520...please correct me if I am wrong. Bike is painted with red house paint, has very nice repop tank, guard, carrier with brake light and fenders that I bought from another member all in super shape. Rode smooth except I think...
  10. BARTO

    RoadMaster - discussion

    I know there has been quite a bit of discussion on reproduction Roadmasters as I've been surfing the net and it everywhere. I recently bought a bare bones 1947 Roadmaster that included mismatched wheels, standard forks, a very nice Brooks seat, original chain ring & crank and frame...not sure...
  11. BARTO


    Ok, been around for a bit now but am still a bit confused by some of the lingo. What makes a bike a "Motorbike"? They don't have motors, and I've seen Mike on Pickers pick up a frame (and nothing else on it) and call it a motorbike. What specifically should I (or other non-educated folks) be...
  12. BARTO

    Anyone heard from Rebel?

    I have some stuff for him but haven't heard from him since around Oct 25th ish. I sent him a PM asking for his new address and now radio silence. ...kinda weird. Especially cuz he's not trying to sell anything. Anyone know how to contact him? Bart
  13. BARTO


    Hello my RRB friends, I seemed to have stumbled on a great deal at a Swap meet today. Paid $50.00 for this Roadmaster and would just like to find a bit of info about it. Has a nice Brooks Saddel, skip tooth, wheeIs don't match, has a set weathered but ridable Goodyear All Weather tires. Grips...
  14. BARTO


    Hello my RRB friends, I seemed to have stumbled on a great deal at a Swap meet today. Paid $50.00 for this Roadmaster and would just like to find a bit of info about it. Has a nice Brooks Saddle, skip tooth, wheels don't match, has a set weathered but ridable Goodyear All Weather tires. Grips...
  15. BARTO

    Delta Light Paint

    Hello all I just acquired a Delta 4 way tail of the coolest things I've seen. Stop light and blinkers with a thumb switch. As you an see, it 's a repaint, so it needs some help. Really like the original white enamel color.....does that come in a rattle can? Brand, shade? How...
  16. BARTO

    Hub Help

    Hey all, I'm trying to buy/trade for a Shimano 3CC 3 speed coaster brake hub. This one is complete and mounted on what I presume is the original wheel (not sure which one). What is the value of the hub and what are your thoughts on the quality or reliability? My goal is to use it with a...
  17. BARTO

    Convert to Skip Tooth

    Hey all, Can a three speed hub be converted from standard pitch to skip tooth config? BART
  18. BARTO

    Our Own Hardware, EZ Speed

    Calling all experts' My friend has a bike (down South, I live in the North and no photos). The head badge says "Our Own" on top, "Hardware" on the bottom and "EZ Speed" in the center.. the Z in EZ looks like lightning bolts. Bike has a springer and a tank. Any ideas. I'll try to get a...
  19. BARTO

    Members on line now

    OK, so I'm having a great time checking out most catagories in but noticed in "Members on line now" there are thre catagories looking at the site; members guests and robots". I understand members and guests...what are "robots"? What are they looking for? thx, BART
  20. BARTO


    I mostly use a tablet and it has a self correct feature, in addition, I type like a two year old and make several mistakes...most time I don't notice until after I post the message. I know I need to do a better job reviewing and correcting prior to sending, but I also notice an edit button...