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  1. MotoMagz

    SOLD New 26x2.125 tire and tubes

    Sorry they are sold! Thanks for asking. I forgot to mark as sold..sorry about that
  2. MotoMagz

    SOLD Polished 26”x67mm 100/135mm 3 spd Sturmey Disc

    So I bought this set up for my vintage motorbike but..... the disc rotors are just tooo modern for my taste. Everything is New. I did mount a Electra tire on front wheel to see what it look like.. 26 x 67mm double wall polished, Bangle calipers,205mm rotors, sturmey 3 speed disc hub $350 shipped
  3. MotoMagz

    Found.....fat tire rear rim 26"

    Thank you Chuck !!
  4. MotoMagz

    Found.....fat tire rear rim 26"

    I would go with Chuck ...I watch his fat wheel set come up but they weren’t what I was looking for ...but didn’t think to ask him for a custom built set..da! I have bought many items from Chuck!!
  5. MotoMagz

    Found.....fat tire rear rim 26"

    I got a set from Shipping took 4 weeks from Russia during covid19. Add$100 for shipping. Well packed well built. I bought the 67mm 3 speed disc set polished..
  6. MotoMagz

    1949 Monark Super Deluxe (Now Fresh Sold, rather than Fresh Find) the green
  7. MotoMagz

    Vintage Bikes and Bicycle Parts Lot for Sale or Trade

    Wait for a vaccine....why? Do Bikeflights they will pick up at your porch. Once package arrives a week later it will be safe. You can Still live your life just be smart and wear a mask. What state do you live it? Take care
  8. MotoMagz

    SOLD 1979 Schwinn Cruiser project $85 picked-up (CA)

    Most don’t have built in kickstands BUT some do..
  9. MotoMagz

    SOLD Columbia ballooner

    $150 pick up Macomb Mi.Still has its Original Goodyear 26x 2.125 tires holding air!
  10. MotoMagz

    SOLD MORE PICS 1970 Murray Eliminator Mark 2 One Year Only 20+20 Coaster Single Speed Muscle Bike

    Wow nothin better to look at than a evenly rotisserie rusted muscle bike! Wish I had slot of extra dough would look great hanging on my wood wall.
  11. MotoMagz

    SOLD Project 346 tires

    All Worksman alloy hoops
  12. MotoMagz

    SOLD Project 346 tires

    26x2.35 new tires that I installed on a set of Worksman wheels But never used.$85 tires only shipped
  13. MotoMagz

    swingbike $275 shipped

    Cool guy with awesome bikes ...he made me one!
  14. MotoMagz

    2 vintage balloon tire Schrader gauges

    Not sure if they work or if they can but they are super cool.$23 shipped
  15. MotoMagz

    Opinion on Stingray Deluxe value?

    Look at sold bikes on EBay will give you a basic idea of price.. then it depends on demand. I sold a Silver mist Manta Ray with n seat and hit! For over $900. I thought I would get $450. Then I saw complete Manta rays go for less.Its what they want to pay.
  16. MotoMagz

    Rare Bmx ,Prewar or Postwar Handlebars?

    They are on a Colson...Guy tried to tell me they were original...Not. They sit up high like Gt Bmx bars BUT, They swoop back unlike most bmx bars which are straight across. No knurl under stem there is alittle chrome left under stem.