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    Wood frame bicycle

    The chain ring looks really thick. It must have carried a heavy, industrial chain.
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    When a 24 isn’t a 24

    Its that new math that your kid has been telling you about. A 24x1.75" tire does not fit the same rim as a 24x1-3/4" tire. I have heard that tire sizes with decimals are based on bead diameter and tire sizes with fractions are based on diameter at the tread.
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    I dig the copper plumbing fittings in the fork. Reminds me of the manifold and exhaust on pre 1930 motorcycles.
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    Bikes on bridges

    I would have to stop by River Street Sweets for a beignet or two while there. That bike is just diabolical.
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    Mid 1990s mtb id help

    Looks like a Univega or Diamondback, but the American flag would not be displayed on either of those.
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    Apple Krate-A-Bout project

    I'm glad you built your Schwinn to ridden. rather than displayed.
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    oHIo LOWrider - Finished

    Awesome. 26" wheels?
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    these dropouts

    You can always add an axle mounted derailleur.
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    Lake Charles

    God bless the people of Lake Charles. They have a very long road ahead.
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    Western Flyer.....Year?

    That is very complete for an old WF. My WF was very similar. Mine was a 1976 model made in Tennessee by Murray.
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    Schwinn Rumbler - Klunker

    Agreed, but there are some parts of the country where it is very difficult to find old cruiser bikes
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    harley electric bicycle

    Reminds me of some of the older KHS bikes, like the Bxtch, It really was named that by KHS.
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    My fleet

    That is quite a fleet. Id say one of the Phat bikes is the flag ship.
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    Trek 850 Mountain Track XC

    Nice find. True Temper OX tubing is good stuff.
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    Fat So?

    The 4" wide tires are great in the sand. I could go anywhere, if I wanted to pedal hard enough.