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    SOLD PENDING!! All original uncleaned 1955 boys Columbia 3 Star DeLuxe with springer.

    That's a bummer. I'm actually tempted to make an offer on this bike. If I wasn't saving for Memory lane I would have done so already.
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    Not New, Never Posted In This Section

    And because some of you may also like my rusty daily driver, here's my beloved 1952 Chevy. I worked on it for about 6-7 years to make it look this crappy.
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    Not New, Never Posted In This Section

    In my gallery at my studio. I'm about out of room on the gallery side to tastefully cram bikes in there though, lol. People come in to hire me to do a photography job and sometimes think they're in the wrong place.
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    Not New, Never Posted In This Section

    I've never sold a full bike out of my actual collection for decades although I've sold one or two that I haven't done anything with up to that point. If I spend a week or even just an afternoon making it ridable, I've kept it. Sad but true. I guess I have given some away to friends who needed a...
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    Not New, Never Posted In This Section

    And more of my bikes.
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    Not New, Never Posted In This Section

    Hey, everybody. I'm not a new member but I've never posted in this section. I live in Ohio and have been building and loving bikes since before I was 10. We had a Huffy manufacturing plant here in my town so I still have a soft spot for Huffy bikes which most collectors don't care much for. I'm...
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    Rockafella - 1953 Ruff Firestone Super Cruiser - Finished Thread - 3rd Place

    Unbelievable blend of color, new, old, panache, baddddd-assness and swagger. Love it!
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    L'Angelo di Ferro Finito Now with a Speed Run Video!

    That right there is a work of art. Oh my!
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    What do all these builders have in common? THEY WON THE.....

    My great grandfather's brother - Richard Hawk - started this particular company in Chicago back in the 1920's. He sold it to the Testor's Company which I'm sure all of you are familiar with. Even though the company was out of his ownership by the time I was born, we always had Hawk kits around...
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    I have literally the PERFECT girls Hornet match to this bike - in "as found" condition still sporting nearly the exact same patina - if you have the hankering to add an accompanying ride for a lady friend. I actually have two of them and have not touched either of them yet.
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    Finished.....The Hawkliner

    Here is my maiden ride as spoken of above.....
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    Finished.....The Hawkliner

    I was pretty much AWOL for the last month with any updates to my Hawkliner but it has been 98% finished for the past 6 weeks. I was searching at least once daily on all bike forums, eBay, etc., trying in vain to find the light bezel and control panel I needed to finish my tank but this week I...
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    Rockafella - 1953 Ruff Firestone Super Cruiser - Completed Ride Video +MajorAward+RollingStoneCover

    Good Lord......that thing is sick. I feel silly with my little Spaceliner build when you guys come up with ideas like this., seriously, KUDOS.
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    The Hawkliner

    The wheels are thumb-tightened and on here temporarily for a "mock up" but it's coming along well. I even found the control panel and front bezel for the tank this week and I'm just waiting for them to arrive via the mail. I couldn't be happier with the look so far.