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    prewar 20" elgin?

    This was part of a take all junk deal, a buddy of mine thinks it's a girls prewar elgin with a "sex" change somewhere along its life. Any ideas? Thanks! [/URL][/IMG]
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    Bf Goodrich help with year

    After a quick acid dip, found a small crack on the left seat stay that will need some loving but otherwise the frame is in great shape.
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    Bf Goodrich help with year

    Being bf Goodrich badged, wouldn't this have been a "Streamliner" when new?
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    Bf Goodrich help with year

    I might strip it raw, clear it, slap some tires on and call it a day for now :).
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    Bf Goodrich help with year

    Picked up from the local CL for cheap to build a neighborhood cruiser. Looks like someone took this bf Goodrich, repainted it and dressed it up with parts from a newer schwinn. Need some hep figuring out a year for the frame and fork. Thanks!
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    Schwinn Fastback

    Picked this up from a local flipper, looks to be a 1969 Fastback 3 speed, can't really find much info on it, I find more about the 5 speeds.
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    World Deluxe badge

    Any idea what I can get out of this badge? Thanks!
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    Couple of smalls (fork and a bell)

    Picked up these 2 smalls at a bike swap today, bell was in a $1 box and the fork in a free box :)
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    That's cool man, I used to flip Z50's, MR50's, CT70's, etc until I felt down from a Z50 on the middle of the street doing a wheelie, my knees still hurt :mrgreen:
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    Schwinn Volare ?

    The Volare was a more "affordable" option to the paramount. Sometimes called the "Japanese Paramount". Reynolds 531 frame. Made in Japan with dura ace instead of campagnolo. They only made it for a couple of years. They pop up from time to time on ebay and they go for around $500-$600 -...
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    Cool little bike. I'm glad I was on vacations and never even saw it haha. Below one came out for $125 on CL (el Paso), didn't see it until it was sold too.
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    So is that really a laguna or an S&S Newport with laguna decals? is it chromoly or mild steel? like this one here:
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    "Not sure I'll run into many more S&S made Laguna's here in the Lonestar State. " You didn't ask the right person :wink:
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    Who is/was Maurice J. Frank "The cycle man"?

    anyone got anything else besides "the space cowboy"? :wink:
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    BMX score

    Sweet score indeed, congrats!