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    Electra Cruiser + BBSHD

    Do you have a pic of the fork you plan on using? If it is one of those rigid triple trees like on a Felt Cruiser I don't think you have anything to worry about, they look quite solid with the fat legs. Still, if you stay in the realm of bicycle speeds with or without a motor there won't be any...
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    How do you RRB?

    I don't care if I miss something. That greater is the joy when I eventually stumble upon it. But basically I do it just like captain awesome. And when it is slow on the forum I browse through the sections that I usually don't like that much.
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    Seven deadly words list...

    Matti is funny. Let him be!
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    Electra Cruiser + BBSHD

    I don't know. How fast do you want to go? You still have bicycle suspension, frame, fork, tires and rims, brakes... I would stay around 35 kmh top. Then it would probably be enough, just make sure the motor stopped before braking and you should be OK. You will have a front brake too, right? On...
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    Electra Cruiser + BBSHD

    1. If anyone is starting a 3sp e-conversion with NO coaster brake. 2. And if you don't have the wheels yet. 3. And you are worried about the hub life expectancy... You could take this roller brake hub (I don't know if they offer a disk version), which is heavy duty...
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    First Build Advice

    Lol, I, on the other hand, have an easy bike source (our swap meets selling "department" that takes 20-40 bucks for a bike) , but not enough storage to buy whole bikes.
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    24x3 wheels

    I have 3 thick brick tires and 3 berm masters tires. A pair of tb is on one bike, the pair of bm on another and then I am left with one bm and one tb lol.
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    26"x80mm rims to fit on a 24" frame set

    Very cool that there is a new Felt fan! Welcome to the fun, sir!
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    Anyone care to do a fat bike winter build off?

    I don't know... 99% of the bikes on this forum would fit and probably already have a 2,5" tire in the rear. Starting at 3" would make more sense, but it is actually still a little thin. I was able to install a 3" tire in my fully's swing arm and will probably swap the air fork for the original...
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    The Wonky Donkey

    So do you have a quill stem that has the bar clamp as a separate piece? So you can attach the bar clamp around the brake bridge between the chain stays? So you try to install on the seat rails two seat clamps - the front one will be attached to the stem you have been using so far, and the rear...
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    Zed's Special, Special Stumpy Zed

    I think the rims look terrific, very 80s, red on chrome - extremely pleasing to the eye. Also - a 1 1/8" threaded fork takes a quill stem that is 1" in diameter (of course a 22 mm quill stem can be shimmed and used as well).
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    The Wonky Donkey

    Spikefc had a cool seat set up on his Ukraine bike in a build off, maybe this is why you think of him when trying to make the seat work. Also we are both from eastern Europe. I had this problem, and I felt it could be made to work but I gave up the idea. It was at the beginning of my tinkering...
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    How can you vinyl wrap a frame?

    Well, this is an old thread... And what I know applies usually to tint car windows... But I hear they use soap water first, then they put the tint film and the soap water prevents it from sticking, so you can slide it around until you get it right where you want it. After the water dries or...
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    The Wonky Donkey

    Ok, just take the bottom nut from the other headset and use i as a top nut, then some washers and the original top nut on top. Perfect case scenario would be - bottom nut, anti rotation washer, second bottom nut, another anti rotation washer, then a few spacers and the top nut. I tried a fork...
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    BO15 Carcass

    I had this headlight bolted to the disk brake mount, but I removed it again - I just don't feel it. I liked the twin lamps better. I rode it for an hour or so. Very comfy. The chopper flop took me a minute to get used to and I can easily use only one hand on the bars. I will try it with a lay...