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    Weird Wald handle bars!

    that would have been me Kingfish!
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    It's done!!!, what do ya think

    Wow, that's a looker! Ruff's are a lot of fun to build. I see we both have the same "kickstand".
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    Bring on your GREEN BIKES!!!

    three maybe four shades of green! :D
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    Questions about selling on RRB

    received frame/fork today!
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    Low Crusier...inspired by Key Town Cruisers

    good looking bike! love the keytown cruiser videos on youtube......except for the music.
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    Questions about selling on RRB

    Got a tracking # that says the frame should be here on Thursday . Hard to get excited after 3 months!
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    Oh Henry!!! J that is...

    Great gasser material there! Sears re-badged and sold them under the Allstate name.
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    ##Elgin Style Drop stand##

    Is the drop stand for 26" or 28" bicycles?
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    Questions about selling on RRB

    Im in the same boat brother! im going on week 12 of trying to get a frame/fork shipped to me. sounds like we are dealing with the same member.
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    Barn Fresh 1936 Monark Silver King

    Now that's a sweet score!
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    What do you use for grips?

    Pretty sure he means install. An old trick we used on our Harley's back in the late '80's. Now where did I leave my walker?
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    Ross Super Deluxe 3 speed Cruiser SOLD

    good looking bike!
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    Bike Magazine?

    January issue is now up online! check it out if your into kustoms....then come straight back home to RRB!:praise:
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    Thank You Santa!

    sounds like fun Miguel, only downside is I work on Saturdays when ya`ll usually ride. Sundays are wide open though!:thumbsup:
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    Trojan - CWC made - parting

    convo started on saddle!