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    Ratty Bike finds. Any ideas what they are?

    The slicks on the muscle bikes, choppers would set you back 200 for none cracked ones. Pull the trigger on it, as there is more than 200 there in parts alone. Spend a little time cleaning and tuning and sell one for more than 200 easy.
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    Old Bike

    Wow French long spring saddle! Some sweetness going on there
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    March 1st swap meet at Sutterville Bike Company, Sacramento. Hosted by the Hooligans Bike Club

    Hello all, This shindig is at a great shop in Sacramento that works on all types of bikes. Jeff and his crew really do have the love and you will see everything from rat to stock to road too Klunk even vintage mountain. The Hooligans are a local Sacramento bike club. Some of yall know us n...
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    This is pretty sweet

    Amp Research fork is the cool factor there. Think they quit building because they did not want too braze on disk mounts on a classic odd ball fork? I do.
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    1980 Schwinn Cruiser 5

    It should handle an Atom five with just a little love. Get a canti lever rear derailuer hanger and a Schwinn 5 speed rear d from a suburban light weight and use the neck shifter and brake lever The trick is that too clear the stays on the older canti frame all you have too do is turn the coke...
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    Modern Schwinn 26" Cruiser - What is it?

    A summit built heavy duti from the 90s when the Schwinn signature series was built. Not Chicago of course but remember all the repops? well this is the heavy duti redo. Signature series or these bikes with the S on them someplace were more bennis than your standard wally world ones and were...