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    The anti-klunk? (Show us your urban bombers!)

    I've been riding this beauty two seasons now. It's a 2017 SE OM Duro. Changed it up a bit to my liking. I put some Schwalbe Super Moto X tires on to replace the Vee Knobby tires and sold those off new out of the box. No point in hanging on to tires that will just dry up. Put a blue Brookes...
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    Anybody else have a motorcycle?

    That's why I still have it after 35+ Years
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    Anybody else have a motorcycle?

    1982 KZ1000R1 Eddie Lawson Replica. I've owned it since I was 27, I turned 63 this year. It'll be in my Estate Sale, or go to my best friend.
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    What have you been riding lately?

    I got this beauty in the Spring . It's a 2017 SE OM Duro
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    The Original Wahoo Bike Club

    That's amazing !
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    Cruisers on slicks!

    Anyone have a pic of a 26x2.0 Kojak on a 57mm rim ? I kind of want to see it before I pull the trigger
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    And now, for something completely different.....

    You're getting a pretty good deal on it too !
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    SOLD Blue Radiobike

    I'd love to find one of those fender light lenses.
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    (MBBO#05 Class1) Lester Ray complete

    I like it, and I'm not really into rays.
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    prewar Zep flat brace fenders, chain guard, kickstand ND Blackout hubs

    Can you show the bent part of the frame?
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    Beer cans

    Not sure I'd could do that to it. I've had it for 45 years.
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    Beer cans

    I have a Cone Top with that design somewhere around here.
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    '47 Firestone Super Cruiser

    Definately a 24 inch rack.
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    '47 Firestone Super Cruiser