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    cleaning/degreasing bearings

    For the really crusty and varnished stuff, I prefer a small amount of Goof-Off poured in a shallow jar. Just like the other volatile suggestions, this comes with its own risks and disposal problems.
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    Bike Cave

    Looks like you could use a ramp.
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    I guess that nixes my plan for a pellet-fired steam turbine unicycle, then.
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    I remembered that TRM & FunkMe went head-to-head during the 2015 WBO (the lady actually took 1st place!), so there is already some precedent for powered bikes competing directly in the mix. I'm not sure it's ever happened in the big show, however. Provided they have working pedals, I'd vote to...
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    Why am I getting a "Your connection is not secure" message when I come to the site now?

    It's because his site's security certificate expired on March 28th. I can't even reach the site using my usual browser--had the switch to IE just to reply.
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    Best way to remove BB cups?

    Me too--I only added it for the visual. My own bohemian version was made from a discarded flat bar. Throw-away kiddie frames might be a good source of raw material, too.
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    Best way to remove BB cups?

    Just adding a photo. This tool is intended for headsets, but the same concept applies to bottom bracket cups.
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    Pair Wards Hawthornes -- $350 (Baltimore MD)

    These are the same two bikes I had mentioned earlier in Fresh Finds. The seller has re-listed them. EDIT: They've already dropped the price twice. I wonder how much it'll be tomorrow?
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    Pre-Ratted Tandem

    "O Captain! My Captain!"
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    Well, somebody blabbed and the seller decided that they need to get a professional appraisal. Sigh....we all know how that's going to go. <cha-ching!> I've come to believe the second bike is also badged Hawthorne, but sports a sweetheart ring for some reason.
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    Got a line on these two rough gems and hope to have them in my possession by week's end. The blue bike is a ladies Wards Hawthorne, minus its tank and chainguard. Not sure what to make of the other one. Sweetheart ring and chainguard suggest Schwinn, but the fork says otherwise.
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    Improving the Aldi bike stand

    A hard drive magnet in a plastic cup makes short work of bench clean-up.
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    Lidl Budget Bike Stand

    Anyone who might be in the market, the Lidl bike stand is back in their stores for $40, starting today.
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    Bottom Bracket Conversions

    No biggie. I just didn't want him to buy a $70 BB, only to be disappointed.
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    Schwinn camelback Speedster -- $250 (Rosedale, MD)

    Way overpriced, in my opinion, but it is what it is. 26" probably means it's a ISO597...and it needs tires.