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    Tank for 58-59 JC Higgins boy's Flightliner

    As the title says. This tank is specific for the 58 - 59 Flightliner. It has separate switches for the headlight and the horn. I don't care if the light and/or horn work; I'm more interested in the aesthetic value. Send me a PM with what you have. Thanks, Ed
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    Copper plating

    You do realize that that green thing that stands in New York harbor, Lady Liberty, is made of copper. Take a look at all of the copper domes on churches and government buildings.
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    Schwinn kick stand

    I'm 86'ing this want ad for a kick stand. A little research shows that a 55 Hornet came with a "detachable" kickstand. I have the correct chainguard and if I were to continue with the Starlet, I'd need to find a set of chrome S2 rims. I'll be happy with my painted rims and feather chain...
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    Schwinn kick stand

    Sent you a PM
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    Schwinn kick stand

    Here's a picture of the Schwinn frame with the missing kick stand housing. After I removed the bolt-on kick stand, I can see that it appears that it was not torched off but rather it was just broke off. If you can help me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks again, Ed
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    Schwinn kick stand

    That would be great. I'll take a couple of pictures this afternoon and let you see what I need Thanks, Ed
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    Schwinn kick stand

    I recently acquired a 55 Schwinn Starlet, complete except that the built in kickstand has been surgically removed with a torch. I can clean up where it was cut off but I need the part. If anyone has a junked out Schwinn frame from which they could cut out the kick stand housing and kick stand...
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    show us your chick bikes heres mine

    Here's what happens when you have daughters and neices. A bunch of Schwinns and one lone AMC Caravan
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    Show your Black and White photos

    Here's a picture of the bike that I built from a frame, chain ring, and fork. Didn't want to go to the expense of chroming a bunch of stuff so I bought a couple of cans of camo paint. The picture above is of the same bike but I got to playing around with Photoscape. :) Hope that's fair. Ed
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    Rat bike guys adjustable wrench.

    This is available on Amazon for about $17. Found it when I was looking for this set of thin wrenches I got a couple of years ago.
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    WTB: 26 x 2.125 patina wheelset

    I have this dirty chrome 26" balloon w/coaster brake non-skip tooth but nothing for the front. Send me a PM if you're interested. I'm not trying to get rich, it's just taking up room.
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    Removing house paint ?

    I thought of this the other day when I was watching an episode of Ask This Old House. How much of that old house paint that you want to remove has a lead in it. Lead paint was outlawed in 1978. Chances are that paint you're trying to remove is older than that.
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    Franken Tandem gallery

    Of course there's the Pedal Pub in Omaha's Old Market District
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    Franken Tandem gallery

    In the original post, @Rickpaulous mentions that he built a quad some years ago. Last year I came across a couple of Murray middleweights that were really cheap so I bought them for the accessories - tires, wheels, handlebars, etc. I drew up some plans to make a quadracycle from them. Has...