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    Maybe Something!

    Well, no one "plans" on getting more bikes, but here we all are... :)
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    Coaster Brake Challenge 24

    better later than never....
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    Araya Faux-Class Wheels

    Speed holes in the hub, good choice. :)
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    What about YELLOW bikes?!

    From a while back, made some fakey motomag bikes the "Nongoose" look at the sticker kit. Enjoy.
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    Took the breezer clone to new heights today.
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    Klunker run 11/1/20

    Meet point 7:30 AM: Rain or Shine! Real riders ride in weather! We ride at 8 am sharp. Caballero canyon on the south side of Reseda Blvd, south of Ventura Blvd. Look for the sign on the left hand side, we gather there...
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    Bomb Squad

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    Hacktacular 8

    got to get those dollas" why not rob the citizens?
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    Hacktacular 8

    Not in cali , DMV eats their own young.....
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    Hacktacular 8

    I have some left over "radness kits" 40 bucks shipped if you want one....
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    Hacktacular 8

    they towed it away.. don't see a plate on it.
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    Hacktacular 8

    some people need guidance....
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    Hacktacular 8

    Radness is a lifestyle choice, we embrace its ethos...
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    Hacktacular 8

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    Bomb Squad

    we'll see about vids/pics. Most of the time we're too busy having fun to document things....